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Tumbling with stainless steel shot

Thanks to everyone who responded re. my query concerning tumbling
with stainless. As it turns out, the problem was correctly
identified by Suzanne Boschen" My shot and
items to be finished were not oxidizing, they were being covered with
rubber from the Loretone drum which was being attacked by the liquid
soap I was using in it.

On consulting Loretone I found that pretty much any liquid soap or
detergent is incompatible with the rubber used in the drums. The
most offending elements are detergents or any degreasing additives.
These attack the drum. The person I spoke with there said to just
throw the drum away and start over as once the rubber begins to
deteriorate it just keeps going.

So I’m buying a powdered burnishing compound designed for use with
both stainless and the rubber drums. Also approved for use by
Loretone is grated Ivory soap, or Ivory Snow Soap flakes. These,
though, are as effective in the burnishing process as the above
mentioned compound.

Thanks again,
Les Brown