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Tumbling Silver & Gold

Hello, I recently tumbled (separately) some gold cuff bracelets and
silver cuff bracelets that had been cast and used some of the
descaler and followed that with the burnishing liquid that I
purchased from Rio Grande with stainless steel mixed size shot. I
mixed it according to directions. I haven’t had this problem before
but after I used the descaler my metals were dark, not bright and
shinny as in the past when I’ve done this. So I followed with a
tumble in the burnishing liquid. Same outcome. Both look dark like
they are dull. I tried using a wire brush on them and doing it over
but they still are the same. What can I do to brighten them and what
did I do incorrectly in the first place? Thank you for your help,

Christine, When using the descaler and the burnishing compound
(seperate runs), how long did you run each and how did you set your
tumbler up; ie, compound, water and parts ratio? Did you use a rotary
or vibratory machine? Were your parts clean or dirty going into the
process? Please give me more and I will get you through
this process very quickly. You may have to run the parts back through
a deburring stage with a deburring compound prior to the steel shot to
remove the “dark” coating. Please get back with me as you need!
Sincerely, Joe Lovato Neutec/USA