Tumbling serpentine and herringbone chains

     ....Serpentine and herringbone chains are another matter....I
wouldn't even dream of putting them into a tumbler.... 

Ron @MillsGem, try building the chain rack as described in my
previous posting, “Tumbling Chains”. You will experience no problems
even with serpentine and herringbone. The described rack is for a
rotary tumbler. Never tried it in a vibratory machine but it should
also work. Ray Grossman
Ray Grossman Inc.

Ray, I appreciate your comments about building a tumbling rack for
chains. Nonetheless, my feelings about herringbone and serpentine
chains remain the same. They are absolutely gorgeous chains…which
are unfit for human consumption.! People have been bringing me their
mangled chains for many years and I have repaired literally thousands
of them, but I feel the same way about herringbone chains as I do
about most Casio watches ( both have fatal design errors). In a
perfect world people would know how to treat their toys.
Unfortunately way too many people will put on their chains and NEVER
take them off or they will use a delicate chain to suspend a big
bauble. I could easily clean up a herringbone chain in my vibratory
tumbler using the method of draping them around the centerpost. I
choose not to do them because they are such a pain in the rear and I
don’t take unnecessary chances. When I do a repair on one I take care
to flux it and then suspend the repaired area in the ultrasonic. Get
thee away from me herringbone! ( I have always maintained that full
service jewelers ought to organize to police the industry so that
products which bilk and /or deceive the consumer can be “cut off at
the pass”. It is pure and simple enlightened self interest!!!)
Ron at Mills Gem Los Osos CA

Ray, I believe the vibratory tumbler is gentler to the chains. I use
it for mine all the time. I even string the links on a safety pin and
let them debur and shine in steel shot before assembling. Makes the
final polish even better.

Yes I have done “delicate” chains that way too.