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Tumbling question

I am trying to figure out the best way to tumble cast brass and silver ( doing it separately)
First I tumble for 10h in vibratory with ceramic tetras then in rotary with ss shot for 1h ( with vinegar previously cleaned with coke)
My question is, is there any way to make it faster. I was thinking of trying plastic cutting media ( fine) mixed with ceramic? Would this work?
Also what is the ratio of metal to media? I seem to get better results when there is little metal maybe 15% only.

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Here is some expert advice on media use. I hope it helps. @angelaksams Mass-Finishing by RIO

What kind of grit is in your ceramic tetras? What condition are the castings when you tumble them? Are they really rough? 10 hours seems excessive for initial cut down. Can you post good detail of what you are finishing? You are correct that 15 % work to 85% media is a good proportion. You can contact me directly if you wish at my website -