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Tumbling Novice Help


Hi All I have just purchased a Raytech Tumble Vibe 5 and to my
surprise there are not even the mostbasicinstructions included. Have
done fabricated matte work for 10 years I know the principles and
media etcand I also know that there ismuch experimentation to be done
to see what works best for oneself. However Iif anyone could point me
in thedirection of any materialthat goes through thebasic
steps,ratios media/ soap to water etc etc it would be most
appreciated. I have started going through the archives but mostassume
the basic knowledge and are very specific. Iknow there is a book by
Judy Hochwhich I would like to buy(anyone know where I can purchase
this from?) butthis will take awhile to arrive here in Australia
soany other source of info in the meantime would be greatso that I
canget started. Many thanks in advance Christel van der Laan