Tumbling fine gold jewelry - ion exchange resins

        would you give us more on an ion exchange
column please,and how to make ,or where to purchase?    thank you 

One source of the columns and pumping system hardware is Harrington
Plastics. They do not supply the resins, just the hardware and you
can easily find them on the web. There are several companies that
supply ion exchange resins but do not supply the hardware. There are
even a couple of refining companies that supply the resin “free” if
you are refining with their company. I don’t usually avail myself of
that because I can assure you that nothing is really free.

A company named Rohm and Haas make resins for many different
industries including precious metals recovery. There is also a
company named Serfilco
(Service Filtration of Canada LTD.), that
seems to be reasonable. They also make and sell the tank and pump
hardware as well as the resins. If they sell the hardware and the
resins, I tend to think that they are more familiar and will provide
better support. I have been wrong on this count many times before.

Best Regards,
J. Tyler Teague
JETT Research