Tumbler Warning

Hello to the tumbler beginners. I was once in your shoes and I too
received advice to go cheap and get to a gunshop. Well, that cost me
a lot. Those tumblers are used for ammo casings with dry media.
We want stainless or carbon steel in wet. After only a couple trial
runs following directions for using shot and burnishing compound,
the tumbler had a burnt out motor from leaking bowl. It isn’t sealed
in like the jewelry tumblers. Beware if this is still the case and
all you want to use is shot. And, the small vibratory tumblers for
jewelry aren’t that expensive when you consider the time they save
and the wonderful finish they produce. I’ve been using mine in two
sizes, only with shot, for nearly 20 years without a problem. Even
made back the cost of that gunshop model. Don’t you learn the hard
way too, please. Stay tuned to the wonderful Orchid and don’t
forget to thank Hanuman with a donation.