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Tumbler Types

High All;

I have been following the disccution on tumbling jewlery. What
type of tumbler should I use? The only one I have is a rock
tumbler. Will this work? I work in silver and almost all my
work is small scale no more then three peices at a time. Is the
investment in a new tumbler worth it since I usually "hand"
polish my work?

Delta Creations

 I have been following the disccution on tumbling jewlery. 
What type of tumbler should I use? <<

Basically there are 3 types of tumblers; the barrel type, the
vibratory &

now the magnetic. In terms of time required to polish the barrel
is the slowest & the magnetic the fastest.

The only time polishing (burnishing, really) occurs is when the
media is impacting on the work. In a barrel, this only occurs
when the work has reached the top of the media & slides down to
the bottom. In vibratory & magnetic tumblers the media is
impacting the work 100% of the time.

The vibratory tumblers can also make use of a flow through
system which continuosly recirculates the liquid used as a
cleaner & lubricant. The foreign solids are filtered out before
returning the liquid to the tumble r.

Vibratory tumblers come in all sizes, from some that hold about
2-3 quart s to really big industrial units. Rio Grande sells all

I’ve been using the smallest vibratory with about 7 1/2 lbs of
assorted shot for about 7 years. It’s done everything I’ve asked
of it. It cost about $75 when I got it. The shot was $5.00 per
lb. Shot is available in

carbon or stainless steel. Stainless is more expensive. If you
go to a shooting sports store you can probably get the same
tumbler for less. The

reloaders use them to clean their brass before reloading.


That’s a good idea as to suppliers … anytime you can find
another industry using the same piece of equiptment …no doubt
it will be less expensive…

Thanks for the suggestion.



In dentistry a hot dog turner from K-Mart that costs $1.49 costs
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