Tumbler questions - direct

Hi, welcome to the wonderful world of jewelry - no matter how and
when you begin. Your question should have started with the manual
the company sent you. It should have the capacity listed there.
Whatever that weight, it is what you want divided between the media

  • steel shot - the silver pieces, and the burnishing liquid. Do not
    exceed the weight allowance and burn out your motor. I don’t know
    the model you’re using, but the weight calculation is the same for
    all tumblers - important. I doubt that you need anything more than
    you have of steel shot and maybe less, since the hopper doesn’t need
    to be full - it needs room to rotate to get the lovely luster you
    want on chains and such. Ceramic media first is overkill except for
    large loads of very rough work - not necessary for hobbiest with
    small loads and small tumbler. Relax. Some time experimenting will
    not hurt anything. Read those archives, always, but don’t get
    confused by the fact that some experiences are with large
    manufacture or commercial quantities that need special processes.
    All you need is a nice burnishing polish I think, and the steel
    shot will do the job for you. I wouldn’t be without it, ever. Hope
    your two lbs. was stainless steel. Much easier to care for. Now
    go turn the thing on and appreciate it. For your little projects it
    shouldn’t need to run more than a couple hours at most. Just look
    in and check every now and then till you have confidence. Memorize
    that manual. And try not to get confused. I believe that tumbler
    may have been designed for rocks ? Doesn’t matter. It will work
    just fine for the things you will make and wear with pleasure.
    Enjoy - that’s the first instruction.

Pat Hicks