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Tumbler Filter Ideas

We have a RayTech AV18 tumbler and we’re trying to use Microbrite
porcelain balls as a burnishing compound, using a mix of sizes down
to 1mm. However the 1mm balls go through or get stuck in the outlet
grill, then they foul up the on/off valve in the 1/2" hosing.

Does anyone have a way to improve the filter so the balls won’t clog
up the outlet? I tries a small piece of scotchbrite in the hose, but
the irst attempt at that the water didn’t get through it.

Or should I lose the 1mm balls?

B r i a n A d a m

Most Y strainers in piping use a stainless steel mesh screen. You
might try finding a size that is fine enough the smallest balls don’t
collect on it, yet coarse enough that the other particles get
through. I don’t know the equipment you are using, but can you put a
Y strainer in the piping? And increase the size from the normal line
size. You could replace the drain plug on the strainer with a full
port ball valve and clear out the 1mm balls from a trap you put
there. Look in the plumbing and piping sections of industrial supply
catalogs. E-mail me off list if you think this might work but are
having trouble finding the parts and I will help you.

Dan Wellman
Speedway Indiana
Where it’s 500 race week.