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Tumbler broke


My Thumler’s Tumbler broke, after a mere ten years – the belt broke
– the one from the motor to the rotating bar. Of course I’ll call
the place where I bought it to see if they sell replacement parts.
But I can’t resist asking Orchid where else to look.

It broke during a class, and I couldn’t resist, I tried a few things
to jerry rig it, and they worked to make the bar spin, but not with
any weight on it.


Elaine Luther
Chicago area, Illinois, USA
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Studio 925; established 1992


Elaine, You might try an ‘O’ ring if the belt is not of the 'V’
shaped type. O rings are rubber and come in various diameters. The
one on my swimming pool pre-filter is about 8 inches in diameter and
is thick enough to run a lapidary with. In fact when the cheesy
little belts that came with my $1000 lapidary break, that’s what I
will replace them with. Good luck & g’day Rick Carew


I am not familiar with your tumbler make, however my 3lb. - second
hand - Lortone tumbler came with a string as a belt. A trip… with
the tumbler, to the local auto parts store for an O ring solved the
problem. I had to try several to get one tight enough to turn
everything and handle the barrel weight but not too tight. Cost me
64cents. ( about 35 cents to those of you in the U.S.)

British Columbia, Canada


Hi Elaine- You can get these from Metalliferous, but in a pinch you
can use the black rubber thingy that goes on the tumbling canister
(this only works if you have two of them).


Elaine I suppose this thread has been beaten to death by now (I was
on vacation for a few days) but…you can always call Al Thumler at
Tru Square Metal Products in Auburn WA at (253) 833-2310 or Fax (253)
833-2349. All is a very nice gentleman and has always been willing
to help me when I needed parts.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut1


Elaine, “O” rings com in all sizes and that is probably what
"Thumblers Tumblers" (they are still in business) uses for belts?
Try your local Auto parts store, Catapillar dealer, Hydraulic Repair.
and on. Hope this helps Art