Tumbler barrels

Does anyone know where to purchase inexpensive plastic tumbler
barrels for tumbling jewellery? Often I’m amazed at finding barrel
costs which exceed the cost of a complete tumbling machine. There
must be a cheaper way to pick up some extra barrels, no?


Hello Jim,

I like the convenience of additional barrels for each type of

media. My tumbler uses the small size (one quart) barrels, so I
found some wide-mouth glass jars in the grocery store that had the
same circumference/diameter as the tumbler barrel. (Mustard jars, I
think.) Anyway, after emptying and cleaning the container, I put
several wide rubber bands around the side of the jar for friction
with the rollers. Cheap. Works well. Seals fine.

I do NOT use the glass jar for ceramic or metal media.  Use your

original barrel for that or search for a heavy plastic jar. Hmmm. I
wonder if there is a Tupperware container that would fit in the
barrel bay? Time for imagination here.

Judy in Kansas