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Tumbled chain with LOS finish

I don’t use LOS very often. When I do, I will often tumble the piece in SS shot. It produces a very interesting shiny black finish that can be seen in the attached picture. The piece is polished and cleaned first before applying the LOS. My LOS is very old and I need to buy something new. Does anyone know if any of the newer blackening products will still tumble to this finish? Thanks…Rob

I use Black Max and I’ve had some mixed results when tumbling it, but I think I’ve only done so on pieces where it’s down in the recesses instead of an overall finish like this. You’ve got me curious now. I’ll put a test piece in in the morning and report back!

I haven’t used LOS for a few years, now. I use sulphur-based soap (my favorite is Sulfalo) which I get at the local salvage store for 50 cents a bar. I heat up water and then brush the soap in it until the water is mirky. Then I leave my pieces in it overnight. This gives a nice patina. The soapy water can be used again, but the patina it gives lessens with use. It can be rejuvenated by brushing more soap in it or by adding some powered sulphur (from the farm and garden store). In theory, the powered sulphur will work by itself, but it won’t mix in water without an emulsifier, which the soap provides. A single bar of Sulfalo lasts me more than a year. There are some sulphur soaps with a higher percentage of sulphur that may act faster.

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Thanks for the tip. I have never hear of sulphur soap…Rob

interesting! thanks for sharing!

i started using the LOS gel from Rio Grande…i like it better tgan the chunks…easier to dose…

one thing i will share, that i learned by accident and then confirmed later…if the solution is too hot, the built up layer of patina will flake off…