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Tumble polishing copper

What would be a suitable polishing medium for tumble-polishing

If I use steel shot, copper emerges with an ‘antiqued’ finish which
is actually rather nice and I would be interested to know whether I
can simply lacquer over it.

Happy New Year to all - I really missed my daily ‘Orchid fix’ over
the holidays!

Pat Waddington

    If I use steel shot, copper emerges with an 'antiqued' finish 

That’s odd - when I tumble copper with steel shot I get a bright
shiny finish. I’m using stainless steel, so maybe you are using some
other kind?

– Leah

When I tumble copper I will put it in the pickle for a while first
and it comes out as shiny as a new penny after using steel shot

I’m using ordinary steel shot, not stainless, which probably
accounts for it as I imagine there must be some sort of chemical
reaction in the presence of water. The finish I’m getting is dark and
even and a much better colour for combining with a range of
semi-precious stones, so I’m not sorry I ‘discovered’ it, but I will
invest in some stainless steel shot for future use.

Many thanks