[Tucson2000] Orchid Dinner

Hi guys ,

I AM COMING TO TUCSON !!! , I just got my Visa and am getting
ready to make the trip, I will be in L.A for A few Days on the
way to get over the jet lag and freshen up. Any body in L.A. Who
needs gemstones ??? Or 18K gem studded Gold jewelry at US $99.00

I will be at the G.L.D.A. Gemstone Row 26 from 2nd - 7th feb
2000. Opps … I almost forgot, I am GIVING 10% OFF on all
PRODUCTS to ORCHID list members Please come to my stall and buy
all you want and JUST SAY “Hi I am a ORCHID List member” I will
give 10% off.

Well who is going to organize that Party/Dinner ? And What about
those orchid badges ??

Ahmed Shareek e-mail Shareek@ahmeds.com
Crescent Gems http://www.ahmeds.com/shop