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[Tucson Workshop] Lewton-Brain Application Techniques

Howdy Folks,

I am registered to take a workshop with Charles Lewton-Brain on
"Gold Application Techniques" in Tucson, and just found out today
that only 3 people are registered. If they don’t get the minimum
number of participants by Friday, Jan 19, the class will be canceled.
I was amazed the class didn’t fill up instantly. Surely there are
several Orchidians who plan to be in Tucson for the gem shows, and
would relish an opportunity to take a workshop with Charles
Lewton-Brain. Don’t let this class be canceled. Sign up now.

Class Info:

City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Program
Leisure Classes and workshops

Brain Gold Application Techniques - Age 17+ - Jan. 31-Feb. 1

Charles Lewton-Brain workshop teaches methods of creating surface
designs in gold alloys on copper. The results of a two-year research
project for the Society of North American Goldsmiths, it includes
fusion applications (gold painting), doublee (fusion laminate),
Keum-Boo, depletion gilding (tumbaga, guanin), inlay, overlay
procedures and a discussion of fi re gilding. Painterly techniques
are shown which may be used to enrich enameled surfaces. The
applicability of enamels to these surfaces is discussed and
demonstrated. Control factors are discussed in some depth and safety
issues are touched on. The approach is that of a working goldsmith
and therefore, the techniques are evaluated in light of practical
applications for creative purposes. Canadian Master Goldsmith
trained, studied and worked in Germany and the U.S. His work and
writing on the results of his technical research are published
internationally. He partnered in the development of the Orchid cyber
metalsmith resource and worldwide interchange.

Approx. supply cost $75; list will be mailed. Instructor: Charles
Wed, Thu 9-5pm $132 $165

The full program guide, class schedule and registration info is at

Or call 520-791-4877 to speak to a human.

Hope to see you in Tucson…
Leslie Gordon