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Tucson versus Quartzsite

At Tucson, many AGTA dealers walk across the street to the GJX and
the GLDA and pick up stones to sell in their booths at the AGTA. Some
GJX dealers run over to the Sheraton Four points or the Holiday Inn
Express and pick up stones to sell at the GJX. It is all a question
of knowing where to find something or having the patience to go
wading through innumerable booths and rooms looking for it.

I’m a Tucson dealer and I drive through Quartsite every year at least
twice, look at the great wind blown sand storms and thank my stars
that I have never had the urge to sell gemstones off the tailgate of
my car.

Best regards
Robert Lowe

Hi, All- While I have never succcumbed to the temptation to sell
stones off the tailgate of my truck, I often, particularly at
Quartzite, buy stones off the tailgate someone elses truck. I love
Quartzite. Yes, it’s outdoors, dusty, rustic, and reminiscent of a
flea market or swap meet. It’s also informal, relaxed, friendly, and
there are invariably some great deals to be had on rough stone and
slabs. I go to Quartzite every year, and I wouldn’t miss it for the

Lee Einer