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[Tucson] The Gold Mine Shop

I lived in Arizona back in the late 1980s. There was a little shop in
Tucson called The Gold Mine (it’s no longer there), owned by a couple
named (if my memory isn’t failing me!) Ken and Barbara Newman (sp?)…
they made really really unique and wonderful pieces (I own two and
those were poverty-stricken student days!) I am about to, yes, get
engaged and married and I find that I simply can’t get their designs
out of my head – I’ve looked at approximately two thousand rings and
I finally decided I just HAD to try to find Barbara or I would never
forgive myself.

I am relatively new to the web-surf world. I put in a Boolean query
for Newman and Jewelry and Arizona and got to your site. Frankly, it
just seemed so friendly that I thought I would try this – I would
greatly appreciate any steers or info you might be able to give me on
even WHERE to look.

Thank you for just taking the time to read this.

Amy Logan

Hi Amy, I just got back from a break into the high country outside of
Tucson and saw your post among several hundred I have to catch-up
reading. Just a quick look in the Tucson Tele Directory brought up “
Gold Mine,The” at 7 N 6th Av, 85701… 520-622-2414. I am not sure if
this is who you are looking for, but worth a try. Regards,
Will Estavillo