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[Tucson] Starr Pass Gem Show

Hi Everyone,

I took some friends up to the JW Marriott to see where the Gem Show
is going to be held there come this week Just and FYI!. Parking
there is by “VALET SERVICE ONLY”. The guy that was checking us in
informed us to be forwarned in that parking is going to be really
bad during the show and to expect 1 1/2 to 2 hrs wait to park your
vehicle. The resort hotel abuts National Park land and parking space
is very limited. I didn’t even see where the parking was… but can
say this is one place that I probably don’t want to go and browse.

Take this as a warning in case you are going to this event.

(in Tucson where its in the upper 50’s right now during the day)

Hey folks - I believe that the Starr Pass Marriott has a shuttle!
I’m trying to find out. GLDA’s number is inoperable during the show.

PLEASE congratulate this fine new resort on putting parking in an
underground parking lot and not grading more of our beautiful
Sonoran Desert into a heat-generating, godawful parking lot just so’s
we don’t have to be inconvenienced!!! It is adjacent to 50,000 acre
County park that was purchased with citizen-tax-generated funds from
our Open Space bonds (I was co-chair of one of the efforts) - we are
darn proud of it and commend the resort for being sensitive to the
desert. Think of our beautiful place, not parking!


We’ve been told there is a shuttle from a lower area (possibly the
golf course parking lot) to the resort proper - you don’t HAVE to use
the Valet parking. Still confirming but I’m on my way to the GLW
shows! More later.


I agree that it is a very beautiful and scenic resort.

But the that I was given was that there was no shuttle…
this was from the staff that was directing traffic for the parking.
Now this might have changed since we ventured there yesterday.

I’m only going by what was stated to us when we traveled there this
weekend and that was to be prepared for a 1 1/2 - 2 hr wait for

I didn’t find the that the other shuttles were
transporting gem show attendees from the downtown locations to
there. I’ll go through my documentation that I picked up this
weekend and will post further that I get.

Shuttle parking for most of the downtown shows is provided by Ms.
Transportation. GLDA is not mentioned as a shuttle spot destination
on the schedule that I picked up this weekend…

So if there is a shuttle to get to Starr Pass Resort, it is being
done by someone else.


Get the right info before you decide to can this show because of

First, there is a shuttle from downtown Tucson and the Radisson
right to the Starr Pass.

Second, this is a wonderful venue - relaxing and gorgeous, and the
show is from what I can tell 25% bigger!

I stopped by and it was easy and a terrific show!

Roseann Hanson
Desert Rose Design Studio
Tucson, Arizona

Sorry for the second post - But this is just to confirm - there is a
GLDA-only shuttle directly from the Radisson (the big parking garage
downtown, next to the Radisson) to Starr Pass and back. You can park
all day in the garage for around $5 and take shuttles all over Tucson
from there.

Roseann Hanson
Desert Rose Design Studio
Tucson, Arizona

Hi Gang,

I haven’t verified this, but there was a statement in the Tucson
Show Guide that there would be shuttles from the Radison Hotel
Downtown to the StarrPass Resort. The Radison is the hotel that used
to host the GLDA show.