[Tucson Source] Cabochons Vendor

I am looking for a vendor in Tucson that sells cabochons in gemstone
materials - Peridot, Amethyst, Rhodolite, etc. The basic stones. I’m
looking for very good quality cabochons in larger 10mm-16mm sizes.

Can anyone steer me in the direction of a vendor down there that
will have these items? I found one last year at AGTA, but was
unhappy about his pricing practices - refused to give pricing
until I spent an hour shopping in his booth and then he
couldn’t give me a price per karat for the stones, etc. I ended up
leaving the booth without the stones. Without a price per karat/per
stone, I have no way of pricing my merchandise. Unfortunately, I
didn’t find anyone else at Tucson that carried what he had and am
hoping there are other options so I don’t have to go revisit that
situation again this year.

I’m looking for clear, gem quality cabochons. Thanks!

Catherine, two places I go to looking for semi-precious cabs are SPB
or Indo Jewels. Indo usually has a couple of locations one of which
will be the new GJX show at the Arizona Hotel. The Arizona Hotel is
the the old Holiday Inn where the GLDA was showing. And SPB is at



I will be setting up this year in two locations. First will be the
"Gem Mall" booth #1400, opening Satuday 28 January, 2006. Second will
be the “Worldwide GJX” at the Hotel Arizona. Formerly the Holiday Inn
Downtown or the Radisson Hotel. It is next to the Convention Center.
I will be in the Palo Verde Room. I show a lot of cabochons, custom
cut and some jewelry.

See you there.

Gerry Galarneau,
Galarneaus Gems