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Tucson show

Hi all,

Can anyone help? I’m planning to attend the Tuscon show. I’m
intrested in the gold and silver jewelry shows. As it will be my
first visit to Tucson can anyone help with the following:

-what shows deal mainly with gold and silver jewelry?
-when and where are they held in Tucson?
-How to apply as a “wholesale” visitor?
-how to contact the organizers?

Well! thank you all, and happy new year.


the AGTA show is the best around and you can call 800-972-1162
for info and registration …they’ve got the only designer
pavilion in the town.

also, colored stone mag publishes the whole city show
directory… their publication tells it all…they’re based
in Devon PA - 610-293-1112.

good luck!
cindy e.

Hi Fady,

 -what shows deal mainly with gold and silver jewelry?

You’ll find gold & silver at just about all the shows.

   -when and where are they held in Tucson? -how to contact the

There are 20+ shows the 1st 2 weeks of February. Some are open
the full 2 weeks & some start & stop at various times within the
2 weeks. The best way to check the dates, locations & organizers
is to refer to the ‘Calender’ section in any issue of the
Lapidary Journal (E-mail, It has a complete
list of all this info.

   -How to apply as a "wholesale" visitor?

Most shows require you to have a copy of your business or sales
tax license. It’s also good to have several copies of your
companie’s letter head stationary & lots of business cards.

There are several hundred new hotel rooms this year, but get
your hotel reservation as soon as possible. Most of the national
(US) motel chains have affiliates in Tucson.


  From my experience in attending the show I recommend the
  1. Obtain hotel accomodations well in advance as almost every
    room is booked 6 mos to 1 year ahead of the show. This is
    serious as some people drive in from as far away as Pheonix
    everyday to attend the show.

  2. As soon as you get to the show locate a copy of the Lapidary
    Journal Show Guide. It has all of the registered jewelers
    listed by location, product categories and alphabetical. It is
    an indespensible guide and reference work.

  3. You can register in advance of the show by contacting the
    show organizers ( GLDA, AGTA, etc.) You can also register at
    each event at the registration desk. You will need the following
    to register:

  4. Business license showing a jewelry related business type.

  5. Wholesale Tax ID from your state, county or city that
    identifies you as able to purchase wholesale for resale

  6. Picture ID

  7. Business card

  8. Show dates

  9. The major shows open for 1-3 weeks bginning the last
    weekend of January or first week of February.

  10. Contact the show Organizers for start dates

  11. Show Sponsors ( phone numbers may not be correct, check for
    these people on the WWW for current info)

    Gem and Lapidary Dealers Association (GLDA)
    Holiday Inn

    American Gem Trade Association (AGTA)
    Tucson Convention Center

    Gem & Lapidary Wholesalers (GLW)
    Holiday Inn/Holidome

    Atrium Productions
    Pueblo Inn

    Registration with these major exhibits will allow you access to
    almost any other show without registering.

Particularly for AGTA and GLDA, I find that it also helps to
have several industry invoices to show that you are actually
involved in etc. Wm

Luma Group, Inc. Tel: (212)391.3999
21 W 47th St 6/F Fax: (212)391.0090
New York, NY 10036 Email: @William_Hochstedler

Tucson shows start Feb.6th thru Feb. 14th. Jump start at Rodway
Inn on Grant Rd. starts Feb 1st. thru Feb. 5th. Lloyd

I agree about taking invoices to prove you are in business.
However, if you are a customer of someone in the AGTA show, you
can have a runner sent to get them to sign for you. This will
get you into the show. Just make sure you send the runner to
someone who really knows you, and will sign for you. AGTA is
pretty serious about keeping the riff-raff out!

As for the other shows, I found that if you have an AGTA badge,
you can go to the head of the line. They figure if AGTA let you
in, you’re ok. So, I’d recommend going to AGTA first.

Enjoy Tucson!

IMPORTANT!!! I just called the 800 number (Tuesday 4:30pm
est) and they said there are only 2 more days to pre-register!
They can fax the application, though!

Wendy Newman

The AGTA Gemfair will be Feb. 4-9 in the Tucson Convention
Center. The best way to reserve a hotel room is to call Bon
Voyage Travel, who handles the travel arrangements for the AGTA
at 800-843-1110. They block groups of rooms for people attending
the show, prices range for rooms between $85-150 (you’ll quickly
find out all the hotels raise their rates for the shows.)

Call the AGTA at 800-972-1162 and ask for a registration

You may be able to get better prices for your flight, depending
on where you are traveling from, if you fly into Phoenix. Tucson
is about hour and half drive from there.

Make sure you bring some very comfortable shoes!!

BTW our booth in the AGTA show is 1309-1311. Tell them you are
on Orchid.

Tim Roark Imports
toll free at 888-TIM-ROCK or 404-872-8937
colored stones from A-Z

Hey Gang,

For all you folks going to the Tucson show, how about each of us
wearing a distinctive ‘Orchid Badge’ so we can identify ourselfs
to each other. Be nice to put a face with the names.

An Orchid would be nice, but it’d get kinda expensive if you’re
there for the whole 2 weeks. An Orchid on a big grey haired male
gorilla would probably look funny too!

What’re your suggestions for the Orchid Badge?


David, The badge sounds good, but I don’t know anyone who can
make those things. Do you know if the group will be meeting for
dinner this year? This will be my first time out there and It
would be fun, as you said, to put the names with the faces. Wendy

Hi Wendy,

 David, The badge sounds good, but I don't know anyone who can
make those things.

I think the idea was to pull the design from the Orchid web
page, then print it on a good printer (mine won’t do, it’s a 9
pin) using label material for paper. The resultting ‘Orchid
label’ could then be stuck to some other badge & worn by the

 Do you know if the group will be meeting for dinner this

No plans at this time. What do the Tucson Trekkers think, want
to get together for a meal?

If you do, indicate when you’ll be in Tucson.

Dave Arens

I would be interested in meeting for lunch or dinner to meet
fellow Orchideers. I plan to be in Tucson for Jump start only,
i.e., 31 Jan-4 Feb.

Mike Donahue
Crystal Visions
Gambrills MD

Anyone wish to meet for dinner, compare lapidary /
silversmithing notes, trade rough material?

Mark Zirinsky
Denver, Colorado

I’ll be in Tuscon from the 5th through the 10th. I’m open for a
dinner. I missed the show last year! Wendy Newman

 No plans at this time. What do the Tucson Trekkers think,
want     to get together for a meal? If you do, indicate when
you'll be in Tucson. Dave Arens 

WAAAAAAAAA! I WANNA GO TOOOOOO! that is my best whine. i
can’t go, take notes!!! pat ( i’ve been making

To all who will attend the Tucson show.

I’ll be in Tucson from feb. 9th to 15th. I’ll be staying at the
Days Inn. It seems that there will be many of us, Orchid member,
attending the Tucson show. It will be a shame if we don’t meet
all together. May I suggest that you all post on this forum the
dates you will be in Tucson and where you will be staying. I’ll
compile the data and put it in a table wich I’ll post on this
forum next week for all of us to use to call each other in
Tucson and plan a meeting. How about it? Any other suggestions?



Fady- I live in Chandler, about an hour away - and would love to
meet all of you - My plans are to hit the AGTA and bead show and
then go back down for the “main” event. Hope we all can get
together… Joan

I’m coming into Tuscon on the 5th and leaving on the 10th. I’m
planning on going to Congress St. on Thursday, Holiday Inn on
Friday, Rio Grande catalog show on Sat, and AGTA on Monday (not
written in stone). I’d love to meet any of you who are going,

Wendy Newman

Great idea!

When you get a head count & date , I’ll be glad to see if I can
arrange a= place to get together for dinner.

I’ll be there Feb 1-14 (I live in Tucson, bg).