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Tucson show guide


For the benefit of those of you who might be attending the Tucson
shows you might want to arm yourself with the show guide put out by
Colored Stone Magazine. It is available by bringing up Thirty two shows are listed along
with maps and descriptions and other practical Normally
you have to wait until you get to the show in order to get this
great guide free. You may also get it by sending fifteen dollars to
the magazine. I heartily recommend that you get ahold of this
so that you can intelligently plan your trip ahead of
time. Show locations change each year and it is easy to waste
precious time trying to track down a particular show. It also
affords you with the opportunity of setting up an itinerary of shows
that suit your greatest interests. There are thirty two formal shows
this year not counting the “wildcat” shows. I have never been able
to attend all of them…it is more than anyone can absorb all at
once !

Ron Mills, Mills Gem Company, Los Osos, Ca.