Tucson September Show

All, No Tucson Award for me this September. I have been a dealer at
the show for three years now and have yet to have a successful show
there. Each year my sales have grown slightly, but not enough to
make the show worth my time. Next year I am going to try a different
inventory and location at the show. Some dealers are very successful
in September. They are selling cheaper Chinese and Vietnamese made
jewelry. Mostly in the $8-$25 USD range. I watched two dealers of
this merchandise almost sell out in the first two days. Other
dealers with higher price points had similar luck to me. Something to
work on.

Gerry Galarneau

Gerry. September in Tucson has never been a viable venue, unless, of
course, you want to sell dollar bills for fifty cents. I have never
been able to fathom why so many people persist in trying to keep the
September shows alive. The weather in Tucson in September is as bad
as it can get anywhere in the world ! It is an act of pure masochism
to sit in an open doored room watching nobody come by while your
overhead piles up. I bear no malice in these observations…I
merely hope that I might disuade those of you who might contemplate
trying the September shows from doing so. There is already enough
suffering in the world ! Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.

Ron Mills & All, I disagree about Tucson September not being a viable
venue. Before I signed a contract to be a vendor I scouted out
September Tucson for three years. There are buyers in September.
Buyers from all over the USA. My observations have shown me that the
buyers are shopping for different items than what I have for sale.
Las Vegas is a similar problem for me. In both of these shows buyers
seem to be in two distinct groups. One group is artists looking for
parts to assemble into jewelry. The other is retailers looking to
purchase finished products. My products are heavy into parts and low
on finished products. I am expanding more into finished products to
bridge the gap. In G+LW at Las Vegas and September Tucson both are
comfortable and relaxing venues. Yes it is hot outside, but inside
it is all air conditioned and relaxing. Best of all many dealers are
there with a fresh line of products. More buyers need to look
outside the big shows at Las Vegas and Denver to find unique products
in a relaxing environment. G+LW Tucson September and Las Vegas Shows
are worthwhile both for vendors and buyers. As for the old motel room
shopping. Tucson is gradually moving away from motel room shopping.
Too many illegal activities are occurring in the show setting behind
the closed doors of motel rooms. More larger venues are opening up.
I have heard rumors that the goal in Tucson is to shut down the Gem
Shows in the motels on the West side of I-10. This is what appears
to be happening as more municipal uses are being engineered for these
sites. This year a large part of the area on the west side of I-10 is
under construction. Look for Electric Park, G+LW’s new Gem Mall, and
a new building for GJX to be the new Tucson.

Gerry Galarneau

Dear All, I as a Tucsonan REALLY can’t understand why there is the
hostage show here in September. Even the super discounters can’t make
money after the overhead is taken into account. I don’t get it. Sam
Patania, Tucson

    Gerry. September in Tucson has never been a viable venue, 

A few years ago in Tucson, in the course of doing business, I asked
the dealer if he did the Sept. version of that show. He rolled his
eyes and said “Oh yes, we all do it. We call it the “extortion” show.
If we don’t do Sept., we lose our spot for the Feb. show.” He went on
to say that if he ever broke even in Sept., he would consider it a
rousing success! Usually, the Feb. show is good enough to cover the

Mark Thomas Ruby
SunSpirit Designs
Loveland, CO
970 622-9500 studio
970 622-9510 fax

All, I am a dealer at the Tucson G+LW September 4-7 show. This show
is usually a good indicator for me as to what the rest of the year
will be like. I will post what happened when I get back.

Gerry Galarneau