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Tucson Report

Dear Orchid, If you heave never been to the Tucson gem show, you are
really missing out. It is run and gun for as many days as you can
stand it. All the big suppliers are in town and any stone you can
think of is here and many new ones I have never seen before this
show. Having my friends in town is wonderful. I have so much fun
hanging out with Orchid friends. Having Hanuman in Tucson is a joy to
me. We are like old friends. Charles Lewton-Brain has so much to
teach in so many areas I realize in talking to him how much I have to
learn. If I didn’t have more to learn I would be dead. Stuller and
Otto Frei are here and in talking to friends in both companies I
begin to realize what Orchid means in a greater sense. To sit at my
key board and peck away to cyber space and then have everyone ( or
most everyone) meet here is so much more fantastic than I could have
imagined prior to my finding Orchid. These companies and the people
who make up the companies are listening. Orchid makes a difference in
their thoughts and the way they do business and the products which
are being developed. WHAT A RESOURCE ! See you Friday night at
THE dinner. Sam Patania, Tucson

Dear Sam,I am so sad at not being able to be in Tuson, Maybe next
year,I hope. You make me so jealous,seeing all those people. I
hope when you come to metalwerx to teach,a bunch of us Northrn New
Englanders can take you to lunch or dinner.

My best to you and Pat and thanks for all your hard work, Louise

Hello Fellow Orchidians, I just returned from my first visit to
Tucson and Oh What a Wonderful Place!!! Enjoyed the scenery, the
shows, the Orchid dinner (thanks Pat and Sam and Rio Grande and all
the helpers who made it happen), the shows, the faceter’s hob nob,
the shows, the hummingbird aviary at the Sonora Desert Museum, the
shows, Loren Damewood’s bracelet making class in Phoenix, and of
course the shows. Bill and I did our bit to help the gem and mineral
economy and I want to thank the posters to the shoe thread who
recommended Ecco shoes. I have neuropathy and was dreading all that
walking around the shows. My new blue suede Ecco’s were the shoes of
choice every morning although I brought lots of shoes with me! Why
blue suede? They were the last pair and were discounted to fit my
budget and shoe size at the same time, but I would never have bought
them without the recommendation of the Orchid list. I will wear them
until they die - so don’t step on them please! Regards from cold
Canada - how I miss the Arizona sunshine. Karen