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Tucson Orchid Dinner Update

9th Annual Tucson Dinner 2005

Rio Grande - Banquet Sponsor

Time is ticking away, and there is only 28 days before the Orchid
Dinner in Tucson!

Remember to purchase your tickets for the dinner today!!

Saturday, February 5, 2005
6:00pm Cocktails
7:00pm Dinner

The Savoy Opera House
6541 East Tanque Verde
Tucson, AZ 85715

The Annual Tucson Dinner is our opportunity to meet each other and
make friends; this is our opportunity to put an Orchid on our bench,
to connect and to share.

I will be there and I hope you will be there too. Please find couple
of hours during the show rush, to attend the dinner, to have a
relaxed evening and to make new friends.

Put an orchid on Your Bench
Thank you.

Time is ticking away, and there is only 20 days before the Orchid
Dinner in Tucson!

Remember to purchase your tickets for the dinner today!!

For a better Orchid

9th Annual Tucson Dinner 2005

Rio Grande - Banquet Sponsor

Several major trade events in the US provide occasions when Orchid
members meet outside the virtual world. Members of the Orchid Forum
gather together for dinner, allowing an opportunity to put together
names and faces.

An Orchid Event helps all of us in dispersing about
Ganoksin and its vast resources. Additionally, the group mind of
Orchid comes together to strengthen our community and share in
common experiences.

Once again, the Tucson Gem Show is approaching quickly, and we are
looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. This
year is especially exciting as we have a new venue for the Orchid
Dinner and Silent Auction.

Located in Tucson’s historic “Trail Dust” section, The Savoy Opera
House is a complete recreation of authentic, turn-of-the-century
charm based on the famous Savoy Hotel in London. Enter the Savoy
Opera House through the intricate wood and beveled-glass French
doors imported from the original hotel, and bask in the light of
elegant Victorian chandeliers, traditional opera boxes, antique
back-bars and pressed tin ceilings.

Attending an Orchid Dinner is your time to interact with other
Orchidians, meet people from trade publications and suppliers, and
relax after a long day. Every year the Orchid Dinner grows in
popularity and is fast becoming the “must attend event” for gem show
enthusiasts! Also returning is Dr. E. Aspler (Hanuman) and his
assistant Ton, who travel all the way from Bangkok, Thailand.

New for this year is “Orchid Shares”, a special table set aside for
postcards, brochures and catalogs. If you have to share,
please bring it with you to the Dinner.

Saturday, February 5, 2005
6:00pm Cocktails
7:00pm Dinner

The Savoy Opera House
6541 East Tanque Verde
Tucson, AZ 85715

The price of the dinner is $35.00.
Walk-ins will be accepted at $45.00 per person.


The price of the dinner is $35.00.
Walk-ins will be accepted at $45.00 per person

Registering for the Annual Tucson Orchid Dinner is simple! Just visit

and fill out the form.

We accepts Checks and online secure Credit Card payments

You may cancel and receive a full refund until January 24, 2005.
After that date, any funds left over after paying the restaurant
will be donated to Orchid.

Got questions?
You can reach us at 1-800-738-1666

Orchid Silent Auction

Each year, a silent auction is held to help raise funds to maintain
the high cost of Ganoksin’s computer server which houses thousands
of technical protocols, video, bench tips, galleries and the Orchid

Great donations result in lively and active bidding! At our last
event, donations included a Bonny Doon Hydraulic Press, workshop
tuitions, the full collection of the Orchid Pins, plus much, much
more. There is fast and furious bidding among participants, so don’t
miss out!

If you would like to donate to the silent auction, here’s a great
opportunity to clear your studio of those odds and ends, while
supporting Orchid at the same time! Donate to silent auction

Greetings all! It’s getting close to that time when the Orchid
Forum come together for a lovely dinner with old friends and new

In order to make the jobs of our organizers easier, we need to have
registrations for the dinner NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 2nd! If you
have been thinking about registering for the dinner, DON’T BE LEFT
OUT! It will cost you more at the door, so help us help the
organizers make an amazing evening for all of us. 

I am looking forward to seeing all of you, and so are Hanuman,
Charles and Ton.

Our Dave Arens will be drawing the raffle winner for this years
exceptional prizes and the name will be posted the next morning on

It is important that all of us at Orchid, to purchase our supplies
from those vendors who also believe in the power of Orchid.

For a better Orchid,
Karen Christians,
Tucson 05 Raffle Organizer

Orchid Studio Outfit Raffle

The contributors are [In alphabetical order]:

3M worldwide

46 Jewelry Supply Inc


Bonny Doon Engineering, Inc.

Brian Press Publications

Catalogue in Motion

Charon Kransen Arts


Discount Digital Art




Racecar Jewelry

Rio Grande

orchid diners -

please, please, help save my back at the orchid dinner: in an effort
to identify some of you whom i know only by your orchid name, could
you write that ID at the top of your tag in large letters? we may
have no idea who ‘herman humperdink’ is away from orchid but we
might yell “hey, there’s hermtheworm” if we could read that on his
tag from further away than 2 feet without bending over to see what
he wrote in 12 point print. last year it got embarrassing slouching
around the room at a 45 degree angle without any success, so i
didn’t get to attach faces to orchid IDs for some of you i’d been
looking forward to meeting.


whose orchid ID ‘ive’ will be writ in letters large - maybe.

Hi Orchidians,

ive made an excellent point for better identification at the Orchid
dinner … I’ll be sure to write on my tag “Judy in Kansas” See you
at the dinner.


By now we have 275 guests to the Orchid dinner! The deadline for
pre-registration is February 2nd!

If you haven’t registered yet, please do it now. We need you there,
all of Orchid is important not only to each other but to the craft
we all enjoy.

As always we welcome guests and walkins. However, we are extremely
busy on last minute preparations to make this a fabulous Orchid
celebration! Please help us! pre register to the party today and
join me and the 275 other Orchidians and friends!

Also, Please don’t forget to bring your photo postcards, brochures,
catalogs and business cards. Orchid Shares - Share it with Orchid!

For a better Orchid

What a thrill! I attended my first Orchid Dinner since moving to
Tucson last month. Even though I went there without knowing anyone
personally, I immediately felt a part of the group. The first person
I was introduced to was Hanuman followed by Charles Lewton Brain!
What down-to-earth, honest, sincere, intelligent, caring folks…The
heartbeat of Orchid. That was just the beginning of relationships
that blossomed throughout the evening!

So many nice folks who had been with Orchid for years, made everyone
feel warm and fuzzy, whether they were first timers or old friends.
I only wished I had more time to meet everyone!

Special compliments go to Pat Glover and her husband, who did a
great job coordinating the Silent Auction. And many thanks to all the
generous individuals who donated the wonderful variety of items!

It was so fun speaking with the folks who contribute so many
wonderful postings, Sam Patania & Karen Christians, to name a few.

Can’t wait 'til next year!

Virginia Vivier
Artes Primitiv
Tucson, AZ