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Tucson help!

HI! I want to go to the show, will fly in Feb. 10-13. But am
confused, tried to find info on the net, got a company called
Atrium Productions. I asked about the Tucson Gem show, and they
sent me badges for “Pueblo Inn Show” What’s that? Where in
Tucson is the “real” show? Please help. Thanks, Pat or E-Mail
me off line.

Pat, The real show is EVERYWHERE!!! There’s about 25-30
individual shows that make up the Tucson “show” (I’ve always
found some good deals at the Pueblo!)

When you get there, you will easily find show maps, guides,
shuttles, and everything you need to spend your money (except a
motel at a reasonable rate!)

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

And may the profit angels smile upon you :slight_smile:

Kristi Stutt
Wire Wrapping Etcetera

Hello Pat,

Pueblo Inn is one of MANY exhibitor locations. You may want to
call Lapidary Journal (publisher of catalog) to order a Tucson
Gem Show catalog to map your appts, hotel locations, etc. The
number is 800/676-4367. The cost is $13. including Priority Mail
delivery from east coast. It’s my first time to the show and I
think the insight is well worth it! Have a great time in


Pat: The Tucson show is many shows all over town. Atrium
productions puts on one of them, but there are this year, I
believe 22 or 23 separate locations where the shows are going on.
Some specialize…for example there are several that are
primarily for mineral collectors…there is one which sells beads
only. Being primarily interested in gems and gemology, my
favorite show is the American Gem Trade association show at the
Convention center. Most every hotel and motel in the middle of
town is packed with dealers in most of the rooms, plus
locations where there are huge tents, like circus tents, adding
more dealer space. Get a copy of the thick publication czlled the
Tucson Show Guide which you will find free at most of the
entrances to the various shows, spend a couple of hours studying
that and pinpointing your specific interest location, and develop
a plan of action. It is possible to spend two weeks there and not
see it all. Have a great time, it’s mind boggling 1. Jerry in
Kodiak…ten year or so Tucson vet and ready to go again.

Hi Pat,

The ‘Pueblo Inn’ doesn’t exist anymore! Not to worry, it’s now
called the ‘Four Points’.

Now for your question, ‘Where’s the real show?’.

The Tucson show isn’t just 1 show, it’s 20+ shows. Some start
and end at different times. The 1st shows started Jan 31, the
last shows end Feb 14. Shows are help in many different
locations, all accessable by free shuttles. If you want the
dates of the various shows, check the ‘Calender section’ of any
Lapidary Journal, itlists the dates & locations of all the shows.

The show that started it all some 30 years ago is the Tucson Gem
& Mineral show. It’s held in the Tucson Convention Center & will
be in session while you’re there. Iy has a theme for each year,
this year it’s ‘Minerals of Mexico’.There’ll be exhibits from
many of the worlds best museums as well as individuals from
around the world. There are also several hundred dealers selling
lots of items of items in the gem, mineral & jewelry areas.

When you get to Tucson, pick up a copy of the ‘Tucson Show
Guide’, it’s free & lists all shows, dealers, dates & much other
info about the shows & city.

Have fun!


Pat, not to worry! The “real” show is all over Tucson, in
every nook and cranny! The main route thru Tucson, I-10, is
bordered to the south by “motel strip” and every room,
practically, in every motel, and in the courtyards, and
streetcorners, have dealers with all kinds of merchandise. The
bigger, more exclusive shows are in the downtown hotels/motels.
Can you pick up an issue of the January 1999 Lapidary Journal
anywhere in your area? If not, email me offline at
<@bootsie> and I’ll type out the schedule I have copied
to carry in my pocket (don’t have a scanner, but am a good, fast
typist) and send it to you. If you want me to do this, please
reply AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (am trying to stay out of hospital,
but may not succeed) so I can get back to you. Or call if you
want: 505-437-0818. If you can get the Lap. Journal, check out
pages 123, which is their Show Calendar and lists the Tucson
shows and street addresses, and page 56, which gives a bar chart
showing show location/promoter and dates in Tucson. If you want
copies and can’t get the journal, I’ll either type them or mail
you copies, but if you want mailed copies call me tonite or
Monday 2/1 at latest–will be home after 4 p.m. Monday, and I’ll
mail them to you. Sharon Holt

I know this is late, but you can check out show information
online at, the Tucson Show Guide
Online. There are exhibitor lists and locations, promoter links
to all the shows, plus new is added as we find it.
Along with the show is a handy resource guide to the
local Tucson area with links to local restaurants, hotels, and
other places of interest. Then make sure you pick up your free
printed Tucson Show Guide when you arrive at the shows, but since
so many people were requesting exhibitor early, we
put some of it online so anyone could access it anytime before,
up to, and during the shows. (and keep that in mind for next year)

Tricia Gdowik
Tucson Show Guide & Lapidary Journal Online Coordinator

p.s. also, Lapidary Journal keeps show online in our Calendar
section, located at

:slight_smile: Good luck at the shows.