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Tucson Gem Shows

Anyone, This may sound like a stupid question, but is the gem show
in >Tucson (in Feb. '02) a large event? 

There were 28 different shows listed in the 2001 Tucson Show Guide
published by the Colored Stone Magazine which was handed out free at
almost all of the shows. See the website < >
That is not counting the other shows that spring up on lots of service
stations and in parking lots etc. It is the largest Gemstone and
Mineral show in the World and some of the shows this year lasted from
January 26th through February 15th - though the three main “wholesale
only” shows (GJX, GLDA and AGTA) are only 6 day events. The GJX will
be February 7 - 12th in 2002. The GLDA and AGTA shows are probably
February 6 - 11th in 2002

Are shows like this worth traveling to >from more remote areas of
the country? 

We travel from Brasil every year just because of this show. And
Gemstone, Rough, and Mineral Specimen dealers from just about every
part of the world make the trip there also from “remote areas” of the
world every year. We would have to answer a resounding “yes” to your

You will be able to find, at the Tucson Shows, anything that is
available anywhere in the world in the gemstone, rough, or mineral
areas. And probably at better prices than if you went to the source
area yourself to buy.

You can also do severe financial damage to your budget if you are not
careful, though you will probably enjoy every minute of it.

Best regards Robert Lowe, Lowe Associates - Brasil, Gemstones, Rough,
Specimens Tucson February 7 - 12, 2002 - GJX # 205
e-mail <@Robert>