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Tucson Gem & Mineral Show (TGMS)

All, A little about the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show (TGMS). I was a
dealer with the TGMS for four years. It is a wonderful show that is
open for the public. Displays in the show are of museum quality and
quantity. All top rate. Dealers on the floor are a mix of about 50%
minerals, 25% jewelry, 15% and 10% a mixture of related
items. Dealers come to TGMS from Quartzite, GLDA, and most of the
other shows that close earlier. Some come only for the TGMS Show.
They are the ones with fresh merchandise and some real one of a kind
pieces can be purchased. I have made many good purchases in the
TGMS. Beware, they have a kids day which draws a huge group of
school children. I grudgingly left TGMS because of the lack of
opportunity to make big sales in the TGMS environment. TGMS is
crowded, noisy, and just not conducive to making $1,000+ gemstone
sales. It is the best club show I have ever been a dealer in.
Anyone interested in Gems, Minerals, & Jewelry should attend this
show. They do it right.

Gerry Galarneau