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Tucson Events

Hello there! I’m working on putting together the Tucson Show Guide
(yep, that’s us :-> ) and I’m looking for ideas for anything new or
notable that you think we should include in the book. It could be
anything from a new find or new product that someone is introducing
at the show to classes, lectures, parties or other events. Just be
sure that whatever you send us is something that is open to Tucson
attendees in general, or you may get a couple hundred gate-crashers
at your private party. :->

If you have any submissions, please e-mail them to me privately at I’d also be interested in any suggestions
you have on how to make the TSG better.

Morgan Beard
Colored Stone/Tucson Show Guide


I would do a positive article about the problems in Tucson and how
to avoid them. Early registration, bring the proper paper work,
early room reservations, automobile parking, which shows are open to
the public and which are not. How to avoid being a victim of item
theft, identity theft, and personal injury during a theft. Parking is
a huge problem: where to park, shuttles, what to do if you miss the
last shuttle and are stranded miles from your vehicle. Explain that
the physical layout of the Tucson Shows covers about 10 miles. How
about the Tucson weather in February either 90+ degrees or rain mixed
with snow. I have seen both.

In bold letters I would put on the first page or the front cover
that most of the Gem Shows are for the gem and jewelry trade only and
not open to the public or people in other business. You will not be
allowed entry with out credentials that identify you and your
business as being in the jewelry, gift shop, or manufacturing of
stones or metal.

I would also like to see more article about individual dealers that
products their products all themselves. You know what used to be
the backbone of “Custom”. I know it is not as romantic as the stone
dealer that braves the governments regulations, local thugs,
radiation treaters, thermal magicians, all to bring the goods to the
market and make the most money they possibly can make off the most
misery they can spread in the world. How about looking at the true
kinder and caring producers of Custom work in the world?

Gerry Galarneau, Yep, still cutting and buying rough. I am a dealer
at Tucson, but not a great fan of the marketing and magazine coverage
of the event.

My experience with the hotel reservation is horrible in Tuscon as
well as in Las Vegas.

That switching of rates close to the show. Leaving you helpless as
all the other places are full or their prices are jacked up to
ridiculous level?

Is this experience solitary or others have also experienced the same?

That’s the way it is. The hotels charge rates probably three times
more than their rate , say in March, but if you want to go to Tucson
during the gem shows that’s the rate.

When you find a hotel you like make your reservations there months
in advance of the coming show. They won’t forget that it’s gem
show weeks so the rates will be higher than normal, but at least
you’ll be where you want to be. Sometimes it’s better not to mention
that you’re cominhg in for the show and ask for a special rate ( AAA,
AARP, Gov’t etc) ; you probably won’t get it but it doesn’t hurt to try. mkh

Anil, That is definitely the fact in Tucson. Inn rates are

Motel 6’s ad claims are out the window, judging from their variable
LED sign.

Market forces, market farces. Maybe staying outside Tucson, like
Apache Junction, might help.

Dan Woodard

No its not the rate that I am cribbing about. It is the acceptance
of the reservation at one price (taking into consideration the
events), cancellingit unilaterally(of course excuses
offered)andoffering the same at the higher price. Is it just my
experienceor is it ubiquitous. Thanks to all of you for responding

Apache Junction is very far from Tucson, May I suggest Tubac or
Green Valley or Casa Grande or Coolidge They are still 45 minutes to
an hour away but may be more reasonable.

My Tucson story was a costly one. In December 2001 I made a
reservation at a Best Western. Had a confirmation number and went to
Tucson in Feb. 2002. When I got to the motel/hotel, I was told they
did not have a reservation for me, that I must have canceled it. My
jaw dropped as I asked for the manager who was standing off to the
side, not saying a thing. I told her I had a confirmaiton # and could
she please call the 800 # to confirm it. She said it didn’t matter,
she had no rooms. The young girls that were working behind the desk
were silent and looking at the ground. I had a feeling they had seen
this happen before. No matter what I said she was firm and I had no
choice but to leave.

Long story short, after getting back in my car and crying for a
while, I got my cell phone out and started calling hotels. Of course
you all know what I heard - no vacancy. I ended up at a golf resort
in a neighboring town at the cost of $300+ for 5 nights. My original
room was around $118. It took me 45 min - 1 hour in the morning to
drive to a show. When I got home, I called the 800# and they still
had record of my reservation, saying it had never been canceled. I
pressed the matter with them and AAA. All I got was a refund check
for one nights lodging ($118 not $300+). I am still amazed at how
unscrupulous people can sleep at night! Hope you all never run into
the costly mess I was in.

Raining ashes in San Diego. pray for the hurt & homeless Debi