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Tucson Dinner

Dear Sam, It sounds as if you have put a lot of time and effort
into this event and I’m sure it will be a great gathering. I would
have been excited to come if I was going to Tuscon,unfortunately I’m
not. I tried to do a New England Orchid dinner but got very little
responce. I tried twice so I know the work you have done. It is
just that I thought all donations would go to Hanuman as he deserves
it and I hate to see him use all his personnal funds. Seems to me
if you can afford to go to Tuscon,you should be able to pay for your
own meal and have all donations go to orchid. Just my opinion. I
hope your Silent Auction does well. Louise

All, I wish I could attend the Tucson dinner, Sam & group have put a
lot of effort into pulling this off. For all that do not know
Tucson becomes a very busy restaurant and lodging location during
the shows. Everything is booked well in advance. I made my
reservations in June of 2001. I will be set up at the GEM Mall, both
105, with G+LW from 2 Feb- 15 Feb. Normally we do not get closed up
until 8PM. By that time we are tired and in need of a shower. We
also must leave the evenings open for special customers who desire a
dinner date to discuss business. Tucson is our biggest show of the
year. It is also our biggest investment. Our show cost is over
$6,000. We must sell at Tucson to stay in business. Everything will
be the lowest possible price for custom cutting, finished gemstones.
Have a good time while in Tucson. Keep your guard up and buy smart.
Like Calvin said “There is treasure everywhere”!

Gerry Galarneau

Marilyn, Such regional shows already exist within the Rock, Gem, and
Mineral Federations. They move around within the federation each

Check <> for California and find links there to all
the other regions and their shows. They are scheduled a couple of
years in advance and via this list we can communicate and arrange
meetings. I would love to do that. Terrie

Who-o, I’m in Indiana. California is a long trip from here. I do go
to rock shows that are within approx. hundred mile radius. However,
they are very “rock” orientated and interesting in their own way. I
think that there’s a metalsmith group in Chicago which is a good five
hours away but that’s the closest that I know. I will check out the
place you gave though.

It’s 50` here today. It’ll be a nice drive to class today. I’ve got
my advanced people cutting light weight steel and it’s interesting
listening to their doubts and grumbles. Once they’ve etched the
pieces they will be happy with the possibilities.


Dear Louise, The idea of getting dinner sponsorship really was aimed
at jewelry supply companies like Rio, IJS, Hoover and Strong etc. not
the readership of Orchid. I thought it would be a good way for these
companies to give back in a very public way for all of us keeping
them in business. I completely agree with you and I was surprised by
the number of individuals who wanted to donate but, I also knew if I
did not post the fact I was seeking sponsorship and Orchid readers
did not know I would look like I was not above board.Orchid as you
well know from your own experience is not a non profit (at least
recognized in the US as far as I know) and does not have a central
bookkeeping oversight mechanism. I was very concerned to collect
funds in the name of Orchid and not have results very easy to track
by the readership. So as far as I was concerned it was all or
nothing. I did not want to be exclusive or take money away from

Dear Sam, I understand what you were trying to do and I do
appreciate your effort. I was just thinking that a great many of us
do give lots of business to Rio,Houser and Miller etc.,etc. and
since most of us on Orchid are not going to be in Tuscon,only a
small amount will benefit. I am not going to Question whether
Thailand has non-profit status or not,I only know Hanuman can use
all the money he can get to defray his personnal costs. I was
amazed to notice he sends 5000 emails a day up from the 3000 I last
noticed and i still think it’s a sad situation that he has to remind
people every day to give donations.

I know in my heart,that you were trying to have the best meeting
ever and I applaud you for it. You have put lots of time and effort
into this meeting with very good intentions. Have a wonderful time
all of you and wish I was there to meet so many of you. Louise

Dear All, OK final cost per plate for the Tucson dinner
extravaganza. $20 per person. This includes chips and salsa, three
entrees, salad, dessert , tea or coffee tax and gratuity. I will see
you there. Sam Patania

Dear All, Please send checks in advance for $20.00 per person for
the orchid dinner if you are planning on attending and have not
already sent a check. This will simplify much at the door. send to:

Sam Patania
3000 E. Broadway
Tucson, AZ 85716