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I am shopping for diamonds for two engagement ring customers - I do
not ordinarily buy diamonds but these are friends. I will be in
Tucson beg. of February - any recommendations re diamond dealers in
Tucson? Am I likely to get a better buy there than shopping ahead of
time? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to see
some/many of you in Tucson at the Orchid event on Friday.

Sheridan Reed

Tucson is not truly a diamond show, but there are lots of people
selling them there. Try to stick to one of the bigger shows when
buying them. I believe that Goldstein Diamonds displays at the GLDA
show and when we have a call for anything other than a Lazare Diamond
we use them. Their prices are reasonable and they are nice people to work with.

Sheridan, There is a new diamond show at this years Tucson shows. I
can’t remember = the exact address, but I do know there is a shuttle
bus that goes there a= nd you can look it up in the guide. Once there
it will be very easy for you to shop amoung the many dealers f= or the
stones you need.


Any wisdom on dealers having small high quality colored diamonds in

Hi Richard,

Hope things are going well. Tell me what you mean by colored diamonds?
I have been calling color treated natural diamonds “COLORED DIAMONDS"
I have been calling natural, natural color diamonds “NATURAL COLOR
DIAMON DS” A third catagory that is now appearing on the market is
"COLORED SYNTHEIC DIAMONDS” I t seems that dealers carry one or the
other but seldom carry both natu ral color or colored diamonds. tell me
what you are looking for and I will give you a few names best wishes,


Looking for natural color natural stones. In Tucson now. Thanks.



You are in violation of most of the FTC regulations and most ethics
based groups’ rules by calling treated, colored diamonds only
"colored diamonds". You MUST always preface these stones with
something like “irradiated colored diamonds” or “synthetically colored
diamonds”. You cannot assume that since you are identifying natural
colored diamonds as natural that this allows you to sell the others as
colored diamonds, since you are not telling the customers how they are
colored and they might not be seeing the natural colored diamonds that
you are selling as well. “Colored diamonds” can ONLY refer to
naturally colored diamonds that have undergone no treatment at all.

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Spirer Somes Jewelers
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