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Tucson bound

Greeting Orchidians, Tucson is drawing close and many of the best
opportunities in our business are nearly upon us. A gathering of
friends, associates, mentors, suppliers, students and clients of
this magnitude only happens once a year. People from all around the
planet are there. After 23 years it still amazes me to see and be
part of this wonderful gathering. I am always excited at this time
of year. It represents the culmination of a year’s worth of hard
work to produce the best I can and bring it to the show for my
clients and associates to see (maybe buy). I also get to see what is
happening in other ends of our business. Everything from new mineral
and gem finds to fantastic works of art on display at the Spectrum
and Cutting Edge award sections. So to all of you who are going
please stop by and introduce yourselves. It would be great to meet
those of you whom I do not know and be able to put a face with the
name. Hope to see you there.

Regards from Colorado,

Steve Green / Rough and Ready Gems Fine
briolettes in most every material under the sun and precision
ultrasonic drilling for the gem and high-tech industries. See us at:
The Gem and Jewelry Exchange (GJX) booth # 700 Feb. 6th - 11th 2003

Hello experienced Tucson people…This is my first trip and have
only one day - Tuesday the 11th. Is there something that is “not to
be missed”? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Allison

I’d like to ask some help from you Tucson regulars about the big
show in February. (I went once but that was several years ago, so
I’m pretty familiar with the shows, but not much else.) I spent a
couple hours in the Orchid Archives, but there are over 2000 related
posts… yikes.

Workshops etc: Are there any other jewelry related events not to be
missed (such as Rio’s Catalog in Motion)?

What’s the best way to mail back gems purchased that day? (I’m
guessing they might range around $3000-$5000.)

Any tips related to air travel, when the show guide comes out, etc?
Also, because it’s a combo work/vacation trip, any suggestions on
places to visit?

Thanks a lot,
Cindy Crounse
Refined Designs Original Fine Jewelry

2005 Tucson Show Guide will be off the press at end of December and
mailed to Colored Stone subscribers at that time. To subscribe to
Colored Stone, go to Single copies can be
ordered by calling Colored Stone at 610-964-6331. Price is $20
including shipping and handling.

Enjoy Tucson!

Dear Cindy, Check the site for specific info
about the show. As for do not miss stuff, Rio’s Catalog in Motion
really is a do not miss. Many Orchidians are teachers at their
seminars as well as the hands on tool demos and reps. Orchid has had
a dinner for the past several years at which you may meet Orchidians
from all over the world. I’m sure info about the dinner will be
forthcoming. One amazing sight to see in SoAz is the Kartchner
Caverns out side of Benson, 30 miles SE from Tucson, they really are
worth the trip. The Sonoran Desert Museum is world famous for it’s
collection of flora and fauna. A friend of mine discovered an unknown
specie of dinosaur and a display of it is out at the museum. If you
have specific questions about Tucson, it is my home town, write me
off list, I know very little about the hotels around here, I’ve never
had to deal with that.

Sam Patania, Tucson

Ditto Sam’s offer . . . I’m a native Tucsonan and have been going to
the shows all my life (my Dad was an early early member of the Tucson
Gem & Mineral Society and other rockhound/lapidary clubs). Yes yes
yes on the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (great cave exhibit and
mineral collection!).

Off-line info below. I do know the hotels, as I have done quite a
bit of travel writing and stay current. Write and do let me know what
price range hotel you’re after, and what you consider to be favorite
vacation stuff…eats (Tucson has some great restaurants)? outdoor
recreation? galleries?

One word to all newbies to the shows: book your hotels now!!!

Roseann Hanson
Desert Rose Design Studio
Tucson, Arizona

Yes, indeed, do check out – how
could I have forgotten that in my posting yesterday??! We frequently
update the site and it’s a great source of info prior to publication
of the show guide itself.

Karen Nuckols
Advertising Sales Director
Primedia Gem & Jewelry Group:
Lapidary Journal & Colored Stone Magazine
Tucson Show Guide
Step by Step Beads & Step by Step Guides

Hi, Roseann, I feel sure I’m not the only other Orchidian who is
interested in your recommendations for hotels and eats in Tucson-- I
hope to make my first “pilgimage” in Feb. And I, for one, would want
the cheapest accomodations I could get. So maybe it would be a boon
to the list if you post your suggestions on forum-- hmmm? I know I
would like to read them.

Thanks a lot!

   I feel sure I'm not the only other Orchidian who is interested
in your recommendations for hotels and eats in Tucson 

Ask and you shall receive!

I have just spent a fun hour doing a page on my site. Then I
realized I actually need to get to work making some commissions, so
please go to this page, and anyone who has things to add, please
email and I’ll add them. I’ll periodically update and let Orchid know
as the February shows get closer, too. I am getting info on more
"cheap" accommodations that aren’t scary!


May I add to the Tucson post. For years I slept in my vehicles,
originally a van, and later a sedan.

I either parked on a hotel parking lot, or at Walmart’s, they do
allow this. I had no choice, if I wanted to be there one thing had
to go and hotels were the easiest choice.

I even slept next to Sam Patania’s shop prior to taking Loren
Damewood’s workshop there.

Last year in desperation after a night in an expensive flea bag, I
used the Yellow Pages, once again at Sam’s shop. I called apartment
rental agencies, and was successful.

A friend and I rented a one bedroom furnished apartment by the week
and it was wonderful. We cooked our meals there, invited guests,
parked easily in front of our door, all for the week cost of a day
in a hotel.

I will be happy to publish the agency name and a direct contact if
anyone wants it.

Yes will do it again in 2005. They will even allow you to sell from
your living room if the buyers park at the curb.