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Tucson bind

Hi all. I am in a bit of a bind. I have been planning on going to
Tucson for a while now and had arrangements to stay at the house of a
friend there. I just found out that we can’t stay there. So my
problem is that I now have no place to stay. I wondered if anyone
had any idea at all as to where we might be able to stay at this late
date. How far out do I need to look for hotels or campgrounds? My
friend that is coming with me has a friend in Phoenix that we might
be able to stay with for one night. I have never been to Tucson or
the shows there before. We don’t have much money either to spend on
hotels. Any suggestions at all will be very welcomed. Thanks in

Rhonda in sunny but cold Pine Colorado.

Hi, Rhonda-

You might want to browse the internet for Arizona bed and breakfasts.
There are some nice ones in Patagonia, only a half hour or so away
from Tucson. Other good bets would be Sonoita and Globe. Bisbee is
further out, but has quite a few B&Bs and is worthwhile in it’s own
right-- a fun little town with plenty to interest the jeweler and/or

Lee Einer
Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for your help. I called many hotels and about every B&B in
the area up to around an hour away from Tucson. I am impressed with
how nice everyone is there and the connections that all the B&Bs have
with each other. We managed to get a room at the Royal Elizabeth in
downtown Tucson across from the convention center. They had a
cancellation about an hour before I got the room. They called me.
It is really expensive but I hear it is really nice. Sometimes you
just have to do it. Although I can’t make it to the Orchid dinner, I
hope I get to meet some of you while we are there. Thanks again.