Tucson addendum

Hi all.

It’s 2:07 am here in Boston and I just got off the plane to my
email. Those of you who I was fortunate enough to meet at the Orchid
dinner, thanks for being part of my life. For those of you who
stopped by the Metalwerx booth at Rio’s Catalog in Motion to say
hello, it was a pleasure to meet you and to hear of the exciting
projects which you are all involved.

This week has been a whirlwind. I do want to say thanks publicly to
Rio Grande. For whatever problems that have had with their new
accounting system or orders, the core people who work for this
company are fantastic. While staying at the Hilton, I would see the
Rio folk after a hard days work. They are warm and generous and made
us feel right at home. Every need was attended to with a smile.
This is a good company and their staff reflect this everywhere.

For me to finally meet Hanuman has been wonderful. His ideas of the
future of Orchid and the archives made me realize that there is no
better person to do the job. His vision and integrity are of the
highest standards, and for all us Orchidians, we are blessed. I
was even treated to see just how Orchid works on his laptop. It was
quite amazing to witness the hundreds of thousands of emails that he
has to plow through just to assemble the messages so we can have our
daily fix of Orchid. The Tucson Gem show is a tiring but
exhilarating experience. Many of us were out until 2 in the morning,
talking, discussing and exchanging ideas of how to make Orchid better
and to reach more people. And even in the very late hours, Hanuman
and Ton, his incredible assistant would exclaim, “we can’t sleep
until Orchid is done”. These are two very dedicated people.

Thank you Hanuman and Ton. I appreciate the hard work that you do
for all us Orchidians and am blessed by the incredible community of
friends who go to their bench and make incredible art.


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