[Tucson 2014] General information

The Tucson Shows 2014 start in about 12 days - and I don’t remember
seeing any discussion on the Orchid List.

Is everyone - NOT going this year??

Best regards,
Robert P. Lowe Jr.


I will be going. I hope more of us will as well. Time for an Orchid
revival. Hope to see you there.

Teresa Masters

I’m going! First time ever, and extremely excited to be. I would
love to meet fellow Orchidians. Feb.5-9 are my dates.

  • Lara Scarberry, AJP, GG (GIA)

I, also, am going. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but hasn’t the
Orchid dinner been mentioned? Sam Patania, are you the great

Regardless, I look forward to seeing other Orchidians.

Judy in Kansas, where the deep freeze has returned. Tucson temps are
looking soooo appealing.

I don’t have any suggestions of current vendors, as it has been a
number ofyears since I went to the Tucson show. You are in for a
great experience. Bring comfortable walking shoes, and lots of money.
I gotsome absolutely fantastic stones. My friend, who lives in
Phoenix, invited me to stay with her, and we attended shows every day
for a week. She is a gemologist, and steered me away from inferior
merchandise. Some of the vendors had really fine gems, and I found
that they were open to bargaining. Alma

Good morning, I’m in Tucson already! The weather is incredible! I
come every year, shop for a few days and teach for a few.

My recommendations are JOGS, GL&W at holidome, Pueblo, 22nd street
and Tucson Bead Show.

Jewelry Tools at JOGS is fun for tools and classes. If they don’t
have the tool at the show, you can order through the catalog and
they will ship to youfor free.

Tucson Bead Show is great for classes, artisan work and specialty
tools. (Ihave a shop there so be sure to stop by for your metal clay
supplies :slight_smile:

Holidome is just huge!
22nd street has the Dino’s
So much to see and little time to see it!


Hello Barbara,

You will catch the end of the gemshow experience. The schedule for
all the shows is online at http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/1d The
hard copy is available at the entrance to all the shows when you get
onsite. Check out which shows are in session on the dates you will
be there. You’ll also get about the shuttle service
available. Plan your attack to use the shuttles in the most
time-efficient way.

Some shows are open to the public and others are wholesale only. You
will need copies of your sales tax certificate or business license,
plus business cards to gain entry to the wholesale shows. The website
notes which shows are wholesale.

So far as scams go, it is always buyer beware. If a deal seems too
good to be true, it probably is. On the other hand, if you are
looking for heavy stuff, being there at the end may net you some
opportunities. Many vendors store left-overs until the next year and
they don’t want to store any more than necessary. They would rather
you pay a little less and take it away, so they don’t have to box and
store it. Do not hesitate to bargain.

Buying in volume lowers the price per item, and cash usually gets
you a better deal.

Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and (especially!) shoes. A light
jacket will be needed in the evening, and rain is always possible.
Take baby wipes and periodically clean your hands. not being
germaphobic, but there are so many people that someone is sure to be
sick. I like a rolling backpack to tote the goods.

I also carry some jerky, nuts and a water bottle. You may not want
to waste time stopping to eat and keeping hydrated is important.

Guess that’s enough advice. No doubt others will chime in. Have fun
and good luck staying within your budget!

Judy in Kansas, where snow is flurrying. Tucson should be warmer,

Barbara; The best tool show is the Kino show (formerly Tucson
Electric Park). The big show as you call it is mostly a retail show
for mineral dealers and retail jewelry. It is a great show to look at
the mineral exhibits but not much else. It’s hard to tell you where
to go or who to see without knowing your specific wants or needs. The
frontage road shows from Congress st. South to 22nd st. offer a lot
of variety. Don’t forget a copy of your business license and lots of
business cards. If you can be more specific on what you want may be
able to help more. Get a show guide when you get here they are
available at all venues. Have a great time.

Would love to go to Tucson but for health reasons I can not. Does
anyone know of a good source for rough gemstone material? Am looking
for lorimar, moonstone, sugalite, and peridot. Want to thank those
members that gave me info on early lost wax casting. It was most


Yes I will be going, feb 6-10. happy to meet up with some people,
currently exploring work with rhino and innovative casting methods

if there is relevant info I can post on

Mark Zirinsky, Denver

Try Dikra Gems New York NY at the GJX show