[Tucson 2010] General information

I have an opportunity to spend a few days in Tucson for cheap - but
about two weeks before the big gem show. Anyone have ideas of
people/instructors I could hook up with for a quick workshop
(practically anything would be interesting), or places to go for
interesting cabochons, or something else… Or should I save my
plane fare for 2011?

workshops nd classes are given by the tucson recreation department.
i suggest that you contact them to see what may be available during
your visit.

i have also taken some classes at jay’s of tucson about five years
ago. don’t kow if they still offer classes but you could call and
find out.

howard siegel

Pamela: The biggest thing happening then is Quartzite about a 4 hour
drive but doable in a long day Desert Garden and Tyson Well shows
should be happening. Google them for more info.

Dave Owen

Get in touch with Whole Lotta Whimsy for list of their classes.

Hope this helps,
Linda Kaye-Moses

I need several custom cut faceted stones for a project I’m doing,
such as tapered emerald cut tsavorites, tapered sapphires, narrow
marquises, etc in very SMALL sizes. I’m going to the gem show in
Tucson to find a cutter for these. But the show is SO BIG! Can anyone
give me a clue how to do this search when I’m there? I’ve got only
two days.

Larry Heyda


The Faceter Society will have a HobNob in Tucson during the show.
This is the best place to find the best cutters in person. ON
Orchid, contact Wayne Emery or Ernie Hawes of Albuquerque. Don’t
want to expose their email addresses, but Google them.

Check OLPC Old Pueblo Lapidary Club of Tucson for the HobNob