[Tucson 2010] Eco, ethical and fair trade gems

If you are going to Tuscon for the 2010 AGTA Gem Show, there will be
an open town hall meeting to discuss eco, ethical and fair trade
The session is for people who are brand new to the
conversation as well as those who are familiar with the issues. It
will take place Friday, February 5, from 2 to 4 pm in the Coconino

Bill Gallagher of Lori Bonn Design is organizing the event along with
others in a Madison Dialog working group

He said, “The inspiration for this session was the opportunity of
creating some new momentum by bringing together suppliers and trade
consumers in Tucson. I though it would be great to share what we are
all up to, the challenges we now face, and to learn about new ideas
and new resources from each other.”=A8We would really appreciate
hearing about the discussion as we are unable to be there ourselves.
Please share your thoughts about the event on this forum or with a
message to us offline.

We want to share a link to an amazing collection of recent
photographs about gold. They include the world’s largest gold brick
(220kg), illegal artisanal mining in South America, jewelry being
crafted in India, a roomful of ingots in Siberia, children panning
for gold in Kenya and four gold busts of Chinese leaders. They appear
in a Boston Globe online blog by Alan Taylor, The Big Picture: Gold

Susan Kingsley and Christina Miller