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[Tucson 2008] Bead Setting Seminar

Dear all.

I will be giving two seminars on “Bead Setting” on Feb.7th - 10th,
both at 3:30 p.m. These will be at the “Electric Park” those who wish
to join this group…please attend. These demonstrations will have
some history of bead-setting and showing the “basics” and “well
advanced” methods of this discipline. I will explain by using
diagrams ‘flip-boards’ showing the rudiments of bead setting.

I will be displaying with the aid of coloured pictures many deatils
of this kind of setting… I’ll even hand around some ring samples in
Silver w/CZ’s, that I have done. All using the simplest of gravers
that I am promoting.

If there are any questions on setting, of any kind, I’ll gladly
assist those who need it, while there!..Gerry!

Hi All.

I had this very interesting email from Connie last night & thought
of something a tad different.

I’d like to not only give a discertation on Bead Setting and its
brief history…BUT…answer as many questions pertaining to the uses
of an Onglette Graver.

This can help Connie as well as anyone at the “Electric Park
Learning Centre”, on both days of February 7-10th at 3:30 p.m… So if
you folks who are going to attend, think of 1-2 questions (maximum
of 2) prior to your arrival…we might even have a fun
’brain-storming’ session. If the ‘powers to be’ allow us some extra
time, we will cover as many of your questions as possible. Another
point, if you wish to video any of the proceedings, please do
so…just bring lots of memory cards for this 2 hour+ session…I
will be giving out many printed sheets to take back home for your own
records…Would you please email me these questions, so I can prepare
for the answers…


Hi all

The web-site to the “Electric Park Learning Center” has been
updated…with many thanks to Hans Durstling. To attend my two,
two-hour seminars on “Graver Usage” go to this learning center on
February 7th and 10th both at 3:30 p.m…I don’t make my lectures
dull and boring, in fact they are rather entertaining, relaxed and
very informative…even I might learn something there…:slight_smile: It will be
there, where you see what prompted me to introduce the
"Right-Sided", Bright-Cutting, Onglette #2 graver to all. Those who
will attend will see the comparison between the “Flat and Onglette"
gravers…Also have on hand many 8"x10” pictures showing the results
and how they are finally used, real breath-taking results! There will
be “hand-outs” of graver setting notes on these gravers, to those who
attend…please attend with questions on any aspect of
setting…time permitting, of course! For this Tuscon seminar, I
have seperated these graver packages into three levels of usage;
Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Instructions on both levels and all
will be fully explained in easy to understand language, I
hope…:)…C U L8R,eh!..


Hi Gerry, will you have gravers for sale at your seminar? I will be
there for you demo’s.



Of course I will have graver sets available at the two seminars, but
they will just what you are looking for…:>) These will be a
"Basic-Set" of 2 gravers and a CD with many interesting setting
notes attached…see you there,eh?..