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[Tucson 2007] Orchidians in Tucson

By the way (everyone): after more than a decade away, I’ll finally be
visiting Tucson this year, from the 25th-29th of this
month. Any chance of meeting any of you, while I’m in town?

Hi Doug (and everyone)

Here’s some recent Orchidian involvement in the Electric Park
Learning Center at Tucson.

Dick Friesen will be doing a workshop on carving.

Orchidean Carol Bova of the “Eclectic Lapidary” has offered to act
as Learning Center chaperone. Her supervisory presence in turn allows
Diamond Pacific and Graves to put out demonstration machines for
public use at non presentation times. So now you can come and cut and
chat between workshops.

Keep checking for updates.

Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada

I haven’t ever been to the Tucson show and this is the time I get to
go. So, my suggestion would be that a great place to meet would be
at the “Orchid Dinner”.

Jennifer Friedman
Ventura, CA

Where will the Electric Park Learning Center be in Tucson? I have
never been before. Is there a good map of Tucson for the shows? I
looked online for the Tucson Gem show, but the map wasn’t very

Jennifer Friedman
Ventura, CA


If you haven’t been to Tucson, I am offering a one day “Taste of
Tucson” to show you around the venues.

February 1. The 2nd is the Orchid Dinner.

Look forward to seeing you.



Getting there from the highway is very simple. Look on the “contacts
and navigation” page of the Learning Center web site

Also if you’re at any of the other shows and want to get to the
Electric Park show, check the shuttle buses. There are something
like 8 separate shuttle bus lines. They are color coded - the black
line, the green line, the red line etc. The last two years it was the
black line that shuttled to the Electric Park.

Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada


Where will the Electric Park Learning Center be in Tucson? 

If you go to There’s a link
at the top for directions.

has a drop down list for shows by interest… and I’m sure someone
else on the list will point you to more online resources.

Look forward to seeing you there!