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[Tucson 2007] Orchid Dinner Name Tags

For those going to the Orchid Dinner,

I was thinking that, in addition to our names on the name tag, we
also print the email address that we use on Orchid.

Just a thought…Marta


That is a brilliant Idea about the email on the name tag. Could be a
lot of work may be you should use a magic marker when you get there.

Kenneth Singh
46 Jewelry Supply

Although it’s too late for others, I registered with “Judy in
Kansas” as my first name. If I’d had Marta’s brilliant idea, I’d have
put my email address in as my last name. We’ll all see how the name
tags actually come out.

Hopefully you can find me at the dinner,

Judy in Kansas

Judy, That would have been a great idea! We can do it for next year,
eh?! For this year, Kenneth’s suggestion of using a sharpie pen is
what I was thinking of when we get our name tags this time around.

See you next week! Marta