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[Tucson 2007] Lapidary classes?

Does anyone know of scheduled lapidary classes and/or demonstrations
in Tucson?

Tucson Electric Park in cooperation with Diamond Pacific, Graves,
Alpha Supply, and Kent’s Tools has a demonstration tent which will
be open during the show. Orchidian Hans Durstling is behind this
wonderful idea, and Carol Bova another Orchidian, will be

Lapidary machines for demonstration and try out will be available.
There is a web site set up with schedules of demonstrations, etc.


Yes,…go to TEP’s “learning tent” where you will be able to see
(and maybe try your hand) at free demos and discussions about
faceting, cabbing and much much more.

Check it out at

Cheers from Don in SOFL

I don’t know about classes, but for lapidary demos and hands on, go
to the Electric Park and look for the Diamond Pacific tent. They
usually have several lapadary systems up and running and will be more
than happy to help you out. Come with some ideas, a piece of rough,

Our Taste of Tucson will be visiting the Electric Park. It’s the
"rough guide" portion of the trip.


School for Jewelry and the Metalarts
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
781 891 3854

For those of you who don’t know, Tucson has a Lapidary club. Check
out the website

This is taken directly from the website (hope this is allowed) The
Old Pueblo Lapidary Club has hosted the Faceters Hobnob during the
Tucson Gem, Fossil & Mineral Shows for the last six years.

7th Annual Faceters Hobnob

During the February 2007 Tucson Gem, Fossil and Mineral Fossil Shows
Saturday, February 3rd starting at 6:00 pm If you are a faceter or
faceter wannabe and will be in town for the Tucson Show on Saturday,
February 3rd, be sure and attend the Old Pueblo Lapidary Club’s 7th
Annual Faceter’s Hobnob starting at 6 PM at Old Pueblo Lapidary
Club! Bring your stones to show off, rough and equipment to trade or
sell, and meet and make new faceting friends and acquaintances from
all over the United States and the world. See you there!

Click here for directions.
For more Call (520) 323-9154 or email

This is the link directly to classes that they offer:



Lapidary classes - I should say workshops - are definitely on the
schedule at the Electric Park Learning Center. There’s a session on
cabochon cutting, and if you are just beginning, and want to get an
overview of the process and the possibilities, you might want to
make particular note of the workshop “The Lapidary Process”. For that
process, the progression from coarse to fine and then to polishing,
is the common thread that runs through all lapidary work whether
cabochon cutting or carving or faceting. Another one that I’m looking
forward to is the “Lapidary Problem Hour” in which a group of
experienced cutters will combine their collective knowledge to
helping find solutions to lapidary challenges.

Check the schedule here:

Hans Durstling
Just about to leave Virginia driving to Tucson


This is great. I want to hook up with you on the 31 to work on some
Maw sit-sit. I have a nice chunk which needs cutting. A friend tried
this on his oil slab saw, but it broke off in the end. There are all
kinds of cool lapidary wheels, and I don’t have a clue what they do.
I also want to look at micro peitra dura. Although I am stationed at
my booth, I do have some relief hours to take advantage of what you
offer and bring it back to Metalwerx.

I’ll check the schedule on the link you provided.

School for Jewelry and the Metalarts
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
781 891 3854