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[Tucson 2007] General information

Hello all,

A friend who does lampwork with me is going to Tucson for the first
time, and wanted to know if there is a link for photos of the venue;
also wanted to know if there are multiple venues throughout the town
as she wants to be sure to have a chance to go shopping for supplies
and goodies as well as to sell. Thanks so much in advance.

Kindest regards,
Nancy Robinson in Vermont

Not sure how to set up a booth w/out prearrangement, but I have
actually made purchases from someone that was hitting some of the
venues w/ just his work in a few display boxes that fold and snap. It
was lovely work from a young man in Colorado who does beautiful
inlay. He had two boxes when he came and had only a half of a box
left when I spotted him.

Kay Taylor
PS Google Tucson chamber of commerce, etc.

Dear Nancy,

I do not know why people keep referring to the Tucson “gem show”.
The entire city is taken over with many many shows - too many to see
them all even in two weeks’ time. There are shows at every major
hotel, the convention center, and gigantic tents set up in vacant
lots. Organized shuttle buses run between venues. There are plenty of
places to buy supplies and goodies. The Electric Park show is great
for diversity of offerings - major lapidary vendors have booths
there, as well as tool suppliers, rough suppliers, importers of
gigantic geodes, there is a display manufacturer, importers of
mass-produced silver jewelry, and even some African rugs and
sculpture. Go to

for a rundown on the major shows. Also, skim through the Orchid
archives for more tips and info on various different shows. Have fun,
and I hope to see you at the Orchid dinner!

Laurel Cavanaugh