[Tucson 2006] Orchid Exhibitors

Hi all,

Don’t recall seeing one before, but is there a list somewhere (on
Ganoksin??) of Orchidians who will have a booth at the Tucson 2006
gem show and where each will be located? And maybe a 1-2 word
category of what you’ll generally find there?

Just an idea.

Looking forward to rockhounding away through Tucson til we drop! :slight_smile:

Carol and Orchidians all,

In the past I’ve made notes in my planner as various members have
announced their booth locations. Of course, I likely missed a few.

I really like Carol’s idea of “a list somewhere (on Ganoksin??) of
Orchidians who will have a booth at the Tucson 2006 gem show and
where each will be located? And maybe a 1-2 word category of what
you’ll generally find there.”


How about it Hanuman and Ton? Could such a file be created as part
of the archives?

Judy in Kansas, who also wants to express thanks to Hanuman and Ton
for all their efforts and to Charles for his grand idea, and to the
various companies who financially support this forum!!

Judy and All,

How about it Hanuman and Ton? Could such a file be created as part
of the archives? 

Please check the Archives for the same thread from last year. Each
year Orchid welcomes it’s Tucson Exhibitors to list their booth info.
Any info will be added to this thread. so stay tuned. Have a great
show everyone and I hope to see you at the Orchid dinner.


February 1 - February 6, 2006 Tucson Lowe Associates - Robert P. Lowe
Jr. invites you to visit us in Booth # 205 at the GJX - Gem & Jewelry
Exchange, Downtown Tucson

Lowe Associates
Robert P. Lowe Jr.
Caixa Postal 243
13800-970 Mogi Mirim, SP, Brasil

Hi everyone,

Here’s a quick in-advance-of-Tucson announcement. I’ve mentioned,
off and on, large alabaster bowls, the carving of which constitutes
my most recent lapidary pursuit. Four of said bowls are en route to
Tucson, and UPS willing, they may arrive intact. Tom Orme of Alpha
Supply has kindly given me a few feet of display space to show them

  • that’s at the Alpha Supply booth in the Tucson Electric Park Show.
    My Bay of Fundy agates will be (or at least should be) there also,
    hand-carried back from the Munich Show.

Also, I’ve been discussing with Carol Bova of the Eclectic Lapidary
the possibility of giving one or more one day or weekend lapidary
seminars at her workshop in Mathews Virginia. That’s about an hour
from Norfolk. We’re looking at early to mid March. A one or two
person over night guesting may be possible. Some of the possible
topics include:

  • Building the “Perpetual Prototype” home built all diamond cabbing
  • Cutting a cab that’s fit to sell (refinements, little details of
    cab cutting)
  • Introduction to cutting opal. “Do NOT be Afraid…” etc.
  • Opal Inlay - how to do, how to repair.
  • A Cornucopia of Concavities (how to get into, shape, polish,
    concavities in a gemstone)
  • Making your own diamond tools - for concavities as above, and
    other uses
  • How to make a core drill
  • Practical projects - intarsia and inlay (a chess board or an an
    inlaid table)
  • Jewelry making for beginners - first steps in silversmithing

Offering any of these depends on the number of persons interested;
if you think you might be, do drop by the Alpha Supply booth in the
Electric Park and let’s chat about the possibility. And if you’re a
gallery owner, do come look at the bowls. They’re in quest of a good

Cheers & hope to see you
Hans Durstling - getting Tucson adrenalin -
in Moncton, Canada


Dates of when you’ll be showing your bowls would be helpful. I’ll be
going to Electric Park at some point and I’ll stop by; but it would
help to know when you’ll be there. Days in Tucson are very busy.
Good luck with your bowls.


I’ll actually be there the whole time, at and with Alpha Supply in
the Electric Park. When and whether the bowls arrive is in the hands
of UPS. It ought to be tomorrow (Friday) or Monday. Perhaps it’s a
big “ought.”

Cheers and see you there
Hans - still in Moncton Canada but only just barely

3Design Software Solutions will exhibit the AGTA GemFair Tucson.
This show will take place at the Tucson Convention Center Feb 1-5
2006. Like all suppliers of jewelry technology and equipments, our
booth (#2116) will be located in the MJSA Pavilion where we will give
live demonstrations of the 3Design Software (3D Jewelry Design
Software). So whether you want to learn more about jewelry design
software or if you are simply curious to see how far 3Design can go
in jewelry design, I invite you to visit our booth #2116.

I will also be present at the Tucson Orchid Dinner so if you can’t
attend the show, I will also be glad to discuss with you during this

See you in Tucson.

Cyril Saelens
3Design Software Solutions


Greetings everyone, I know that the California Institute of Jewelry
Training has tons of alumni out there in cyberspace, and it’s time
you made yourselves heard!!! Drop me a line and tell us where you are
now! What nitch in the industry have we conquered?? Make sure to
visit us in Tucson at the Tucson Convention Center Feb 1-6 at booth

Have a nice day

Gabriel Manzo
Marketing / Jeweler
California Institute of Jewelry Training

(916) 487-1122
(800) 731-1122

Hi All,

I’ve been out of touch, but reading when i can… I’m looking forward
to seeing many of you at the Orchid Dinner. Blaine Lewis and I will
be at Rio Grande’s Catalog in Motion, at the Hilton East, Feb. 3-6.
Please stop by the Workshops at Wolf Designs and New Approach School
for Jewelers booth, and also see me at the Wolf Tools booth.

We’re giving free demos:

Stone-Setting Secrets with Blaine Lewis - Friday, February 3, 9:00

Channel-Setting Made Easy with Blaine Lewis - Saturday, February 4,
9:00 10:30am

Wax Carving with Kate Wolf - Monday, February 6, 2:003:30pm

There are also many more free demos going on, during the show (and
also at AGTA). For more info: www.cataloginmotion.com

It’s always one of my favorite weeks of the year, time to see old
friends, and make new ones.

Have a safe trip out!
Best Regards,
Kate Wolf
In Portland,Maine - hosting wicked good workshops by the bay.