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[Tucson 2004] Silent Auction Items list


The Tucson Orchid dinner is only few days away…

Arrangements for the Tucson Orchid Dinner are nearly set!

We’re now approaching 180 guests! It looks like we are going to have
another blast evening! If you are in Tucson during the show and
still haven’t registered to the dinner yet, this is the time to do

8th Tucson Orchid Dinner - February 6, 2004
The El Parador Restaurant
2744 East Broadway
Tucson, Arizona 85716
(520) 881-2808

	Contact: Sam Patania at

As for the Orchid Dinner Silent Auction progress, Donations are
coming in daily! Thank you guys! All Inquiries regarding the auction
should be directed to Pat Glover at:

Here is a list of item donated to the Auction:

Tools, Equipment & Materials

46 Jewelry Supply

  • Draw Bench


  • Delrin Suage Block

Bill Mull, Zero D Products

  • 8.8 lb. kit Akron RTV Silicone

Cindy Lichfield

  • Two Cloud Dome Works kits
  • Largan 3.34 Megapixel Digital Camera

Jewelry Tools by Miland

  • Bench Mounting Tool

Kate Wolf

  • Precision Wax Carvers
  • Gold Silver Carving Wax

Myron Tobak

  • Dapping Block Set

Books & Magazines

Alan Revere

  • “Professional Goldsmithing” signed book
  • “Professional Ring Repair” signed book

Charles Lewton-Brain

  • “Small Scale Photography”
  • “Cheap Thrills in the Tool Shop”
  • “Hinges and Hinge-Based Catches for Jewelers Goldsmiths”
  • “Jewelry Workshop Safety Report”
  • “Object and Adornment” by Anne Barros

Judy Hock

  • “Tumble Finishing for Handmade Jewelry”

Richard Wise

  • “Secrets of the Gem Trade: the Connoisseur’s Guide to the Gem
    Trade” Signed limited edition copy


  • Subscription to “Metalsmith”


  • “Vol I II Dealers book of Gem and Diamonds”

Trish McAleer

  • “Metal Corrugation”

Workshops admission

Metals Edge

  • Workshop Certificate


  • Workshop Certificate


David Barzilay

  • Free Form Shell Opal


  • Dicroic Glass Cabachons

Rick Copeland Cripple Creek
-Turquoise Cabs

Rick Martin

  • Royal Rhodolite Garnet (modified diamond shape) 3.93 ct

Sweet Gemstones/Greg Genovese

  • Assorted Stones


Brenda Nesheim-Fuller

  • Jewelry Piece

Charles Lewton-Brain

  • Fold Formed, Rueger Fold, copper, hammered
  • Fold Formed, Ward Fold, copper, hammered
  • Cage Series Ring-stainless steel welded wire, electroformed copper,
    peridot beads, 3 times standard electroformed 24k gold plate

Judy Willingham

  • Jewelry Piece Balm

Kim Kole

  • Diochroic Glass Bracelet

Linda Chanler

  • Silver and Gold Woven Bracelet

Lisa Hawthorne

  • Jewelry Piece

Loren Danewood

  • Jewelry Piece

Summer Silverman

  • Silver Orchid Set

M’lou Bruebaker

  • Sterling Silver Wild Lady Slipper Orchid Pendant and Earings

Gift Certificates

Daniel Grandi

  • Gift Certificate


  • Gift Certificate


Alan Revere

  • Revere Academy Apron, signed

See you in Tucson!