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[Tucson 2003] Two More Raffle Items


Dear All - As promised, here are two more items to be raffled. As
said before, you do NOT need to be at the Dinner to be a winner for
any of the three items. Here’s what we have to raffle for Orchid:

  1. Sparkie II from SWEST. Each ticket is $25.00 per with a total
    of only 48 to be sold. Still lots of tickets left.

  2. Proxxon Bench Drill complete with chuck and bench drill,
    courtesy of Kenneth Singh. Each ticket is $20.00 with a total of
    only 15 to be sold.

  3. Draw Bench, courtesy of Kenneth Singh. Each ticket is $20.00
    with a total of 15 to be sold.

These are the only raffle tickets we will be selling for the full
benefit for Orchid at this year’s gettogether. The drawings will be
held the night of the Dinner, Friday, February 7th, 2003. Please
make checks payable to Pat Glover (my raffle banker) and mail to us
at Patania’s, 3000 E. Broadway, Tucson, AZ 85716. Indicate on your
check which item you are taking a chance on.

The odds are very good on getting a great deal ! Pat Kulla @ Patania’s


What is a Proxxon drill? Is it in any of the tool catalogs? I’d
might like to buy a ticket if I could get a better idea of what the
tool is like.