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[Tucson 04] Strife Between Shows' Managements

What a bother!

First I must say that I have enjoyed my shopping/haggling
experiences here in Tucson at the Gem Show’s. However I want to vent
about an unpleasant incident with G&LW hired staff that 2 other
buyers and myself experienced today (Tuesday). I’m sure other
buyers experienced the same problem.

To begin with, there is some animosity between Tucson’s Gem Mall
(G&LW) and the Intergem’s Gem Show behind the Holiday Inn on Palo
Verde/Michigan St. The two parking lots are temporarily cut off
from each other because of issues around who may park where. Okay,
I understand that, annoying as it is. However, today I hitched a
ride with a yellow ‘caddy’ that G&LW provides. The driver explained
that G&LW management had decided to open the gates between the two
show facilities because of so many consumer complaints about the
inconvenience. So he drove me to Never-Never Land at the far
reaches of the lot to drop me off at the connecting gate (he was a
nice fellow). I hopped over to pick up a single strand of turquoise
I had decided to purchase. Ten minutes later I returned to the gate
and it was chained shut! At that moment two other buyers walked up
and were shocked to see it closed. They too had been dropped off way
out here.

We called and waved to some nearby parking lot staff. They saw us
and ignored us. Finally one fellow was forced to drive past us on a
particular mission. We shouted out our problem, asking that the gate
be opened to let us in, that we had only just been dropped off there
by their own staff. He just shook his head that he would not open
the gate. It was pouring rain. His aloofness was evidence enough
that he would not inform management about our plight either (He did

So here we are, three of us, not dressed for the occasion, shivering
in the wet cold and wind. I was nearly able to jump the fence, but
didn’t quite have the arm strength to haul myself over. I was just
daring G&LW security to come over and tell me to ‘stop that’. So off
we were on our adventure. The road was dirty (not completed) and we
had to walk over large rocks in the gravel. One of us was fortunate
enough to have brought an umbrella. Though she kindly offered,
there was certainly no room for us other two under her little
canopy. However I think her situation was the worst because she was
wearing a lovely long dress and heels.

Well one good thing is I was in very good company, and the one
fellow gave me his card when I expressed interest in his work. Once
in our parking lot, I marched off to management (my comrades had set
off to their own goals). I explained to management what had
happened. I was prepared to be very red and blustery. To their
credit the G&LW staff was sympathetic. They explained that the
gates should not have been opened in the first place today. They
said they would work to have the gate re-opened just for today
since others were probably stranded as well. Gates will be
officially opened Thursday.

I didn’t feel like returning to my studio after that. Went home
with a movie from Blockbuster’s and a small container of cookies (a
sure sign that I am stressed) to just relax tonight.

You know, the person I am angriest with is the young male staff who
ignored us. He had tried to avoid all eye contact with us. I
understand he had probably been told not to open the gates. But he
should have at least offered to contact management to help us.

The show has still been a lot of fun. Look forward to meeting some
of you at the Tucson Orchid dinner. Thanks for listening, whoever
made it this far into my tirade.

Desert Canyon Jewelry, Inc.