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Tucscon credentials


To be on the safe side and to get cleared into as many shows as
possible, take the following with you:

l. Resale license

  1. Business cards, brochures, or other promotional materials
    with your name, type of business, address, phone, etc.

  2. Business checkbook or charge card

  3. Invoices from suppliers like Rio Grande, Gesswein, gem
    dealers, findings dealers, jewelry wholesalers

  4. Photo of your storefront

You’ll probably only need the resale license and business cards,
but some shows ask for three items. Besides, you do not want to
go all the way to Tucson and not get into shows. I have witnessed
people throwing tantrums to no avail because they didn’t bring
the appropriate vouchers for their business. The good thing,
though, is that often times you can get cleared by virtue of
having cleared another show. If you qualify for the AGTA, that
credential will probably clear you for every other Tucson show.
The GLDA credential works pretty well as an entre, too.

Do take comfortable shoes, a shady hat, a backpack, small
notebook, sunscreen, bottled water, snack foods, a calculator,
loupe or optivisors, vernier gauges or whatever else you might
need to measure or examine goods. You might also take a small
magnalite, white paper, and samples or stones you need to match.
There’s nothing worse than finding gorgeous stuff that you aren’t
sure will match your other goods for that special project,
especially when the stones are expensive, hard to find, uniquely
cut, etc.

Good luck,