Tube rivet in a dome

Hi, I’m Amy & I’m new to the list. I’ve been doing glass bead
stringing & wire wrapping for 3 yrs, just started doing cold
connection, PMC. I have a cold connection question. I’m trying to
make a ring with a domed focal with a tube rivet. I can start the
rivet, but once it put it on the ring & dome, how do i flatten the
other side of the rivet? i don’t think my hammer can work inside the
dome, and if i set it upsidedown there isn’t anything to hold the
rivet. i could jury rig a metal stamp or something, but I suspect
there is a better way! Thanks!!

Put your flared tube rivet in from the inside of the ring shank then
stack your domed components on. Put the ring on a ring mandrel, place
a small dap in the tube rivet and gently flare if out. Use a small
ball peen to continue flattening down the edges if necessary. If your
hammer won’t fit in the dome to continue the flare, use a stamp or
small flat tool against the tube rivet and tap the stamp with a

Hello Amy. I think what you are saying is that you are making a ring
with a dome, concave side up?, with a tubing rivet inside, anchoring
the dome to the shank of the ring. What I would suggest is once you
get the tubing to flare out that will go inside the shank, you can
then go inside of your dome on top with a dapping tool and hammer,
while your ring is supported on a steel mandrel. You might also come
back in with a smaller chasing tool or a reciprocating hammer to get
the edges of the rivet all the way down.

I hope this helps. Diane