Tube into tube magnetic clasp

I am manufacturing a pendant for pearls which acts as a clasp as
well. I would like to have a ‘tube into tube’ type magnetic clasp.
What is causing some consternation is how to get the magnets into the
metal, I had thought to perhaps set the one magnet into the inner
tube as if it was a stone (?) but do not have any ideas for the outer
tube as the magnet will need to stay at the bottom of a 10mm tube
Glue is not an option. Any ideas? Is soldering an option?


Is soldering an option? 

Soldering will cause magnets to lose magnetism. I have considered
doing what you are thinking about and my idea is to use a crimper,
it has a hole in the middle and when you squeeze the handles
together, four small teeth come out of the hole on the 4 quadrants
and poke a dimple into the tube. If you do it gently, it should not
interfere with the other magnet getting close enough to hold and
should just hold the magnet in place in the crimped tube. I got the
first crimper at Boeing Surplus in Seattle (now closed, I think) and
have gotten another on Ebay in the electronics section.

Donna in VA

Hello Tracey, Would a groove cut into the side of the magnet and a
hole drilled into the side of the tubing not work? You would then
push a wire into the side of the tubing, filling the groove and
thereby locking the magnet into place.

Have fun.
Tom Arnold