TSI Shape Changer

Does anyone knows what happened with TSI jewel tools website. It is
the home of the shape changer.

Thor Hedderich

I located 3 phone ## for TSI, but no new address or URL > (800)
426-9984 or (206) 282-3040 or (206) 282-3046 I’ve used this supplier
in the past. google has a “cached” contacts page from 01/15/2006…

hope that helps a bit

TSI, as in the jewelers supply store in Seattle, is going out of
business on Feb. 28 after 38 (?) years. Some of their stock is being
bought, some will be available on Ebay, but the shop itself will be
no more. Just thought you’d want to know. I stopped by last month and
found out why I hadn’t had any fliers or catalogs or…

Eileen Schneegas
WA state

I have a 2005-2006 catalogue from TSI. They are at 101 Nickerson
Street, Seattle, 98109. As Ed posted, the the phone is 800-426-9984.
Website: http://www.tsijeweltools.com and email of tsiaid@aol.com

Regards, Jon